Sunday, May 25, 2014

With Grateful Hearts This Memorial Day...

How is your weekend going? (Good, I hope!)

After church this morning, we had our nephew and niece over to play. As I watched our boys and their cousins exploring the yard, I quietly hoped that our kids would come to know our property like the back of their hand. How I want their childhood to S-L-O-W. I cherish these days and hope they love being home and being together…

Then I thought of Memorial Day and how so many have served; so many have given their lives, so that we could do just what we did today - worship freely, live freely and follow our dreams. 

With grateful hearts, we honor and THANK those who have served our great country.

May God bless America. And as our Pastor says, "May America bless God."

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Flag Display CalendarImage via Martha Stewart

Festive Porch DisplayImage via Martha Stewart

The History of the American Flag
Image via Martha Stewart

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