Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lavender, A Summer Porch Makeover (& Some Special Guests)...

I've loved lavender ever since I can remember. It's a beauty of a flowering plant and with one whiff, it transports you to the French countryside! 

Who could ask for more from such a hardy, low-maintenance plant?!

With this being our first summer at our little farmstead, I was so happy to find many lavender plants around the property. 

I'm drying some lavender bunches on the porch… hanging them from this tall, wooden ladder I bought at a yard sale for $10.

(Why is there no "scratch 'n sniff" feature on Blogger?!)

I recently added this vintage white dresser to the porch. Isn't she a classy little lady? :)

I found the white wicker chair for $8 and the white bamboo/wicker settee for $14 at a thrift store (score!).

Having taken down 4th of July decorations, the porch was looking a bit less-than welcoming.

I freshened up the flowers on the porch (is it just me or are flowers EXPENSIVE?!).

Have I mentioned that I collect vintage toy trucks? Having three sons, these well-loved toys just pull at my heartstrings! (And thanks to Farm Chicks' Serena, we all know how cute old red toy trucks look filled with Christmas treats! ; )

This little white chair was $3 at a thrift store - and with my $3 coupon, it was a freebie!

What's a summer porch without a croquet set?

And as for our special porch guests, these little baby robins have been so sweet to watch (see their beaks pointing up, waiting for lunch??).

And here's their mama who dive bombs us if we get too close to her babies' nest.

Wishing you some relaxation and porch-time this summer!


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