Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Favorite Masterpieces...


Just a short post today, featuring my favorite artwork in our home. Not only am I in love with the art, but (especially!) the artists.

Our family portrait, using oil pastels, by our 5th-grader, Hudson...

If you have little ones in your life, I encourage you to capture their creativity at this moment in time through a self or family portrait. It's amazing how their personality comes through in artwork. 

Feel free to guide them - especially when they are drawing or painting pictures of people. It's helpful to suggest certain shapes and  placement on the paper or canvas. Let them do their own art, but sometimes you'll need to break things down into steps so that they don't get frustrated.

Our family portrait, again using oil pastels, by our third-grader, Noah...

My sister and I have had the privilege of teaching art at our children's school for the past several years. It is always intriguing how two (or twenty!) children can be given the exact same instruction or idea and you will wind up with two (or twenty!), one-of-a-kind, pieces.

My niece, Julia, painted this canvas for us as a sweet housewarming gift when we moved to our little farmstead. She was seven years old... 

This water color painting is special to me because it was Lincoln's first completed Sunday School craft when he was four. He wasn't a fan of being away from his mama... so a completed class and painting was a precious little rite of passage. It captures the innocence of childhood and the verse expresses the truth of what we believe.

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork from someone in your life? Or, maybe you have a unique way of displaying artwork in your home? I would love to hear your ideas...

Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. I am married to a professional artist and our home also serves as his gallery so I am surrounded by his beauty. But, we still have the art our children created through the years - both inherited dad's artistic talents, but neither choose to pursue it at this time.

    I taught middle school in a poverty area for 24 years and I pushed my students to put artistic effort into their projects. I made sure that I had supplies on hand and my classroom was open before and after school to do art. One of my most touching moments was when a boy who was not one of my students asked me if he could come into my room at lunch to make a birthday card for his mother. It broke my heart that these kids craved the time and opportunity to be artistic, but they didn't have supplies.

    1. What a touching story... I'm so thankful for people like you who go the extra mile. Thank you. You'll never know, this side of heaven, how many lives you've touched! I can tell, from pictures, that your cottage is home to two artists!

  2. The sweetest post ever... And I adore how your family didn't change much from Hudson to Noah :)
    As for your niece that must really tug at your Home Sweet Home Heart ?

    I too have hung art from my two kids, and family. I have been wanting to do a collage of all my favorite pieces. A friend of mines Mother took all there works of art and reduced it to like business size card some maybe a tad bigger and then glued them on poster board in grouped art oldest child, to youngest... 3 children in all of art and then she took a frame that was like 11x14 and very old a chippy and framed it, this way she had all there artwork from school in one frame...she printed all there work in black and white on a heavy weighted paper like water colour and this piece of art hung in there study. It was amazing, it felt like a Resortation Hardware Home black and white piece of art.

    Now that I think of it, I should do one up of my own, a piece like this could hang in a bedroom collaged on a wall in a mix of wonderfully old framed pieces from ceiling to floor.


    Keep those little artist creating, I think you have some outsider artist living with you :))

    1. That sounds like an amazing keepsake piece! I'd love to see yours if you make one Dore! Thank you for your thoughtful comments. xo

  3. beautiful. I used to put our grandchildren's artwork in frames too. This is such a loving way to show off their talents. I invite you to share at my Thursday hop. You can link up through Sat midnight. xo

  4. You have the truest sense of art that there is (in my mind) love them all. Jo

  5. Masterpieces to be cherished for certain! Love them


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