Sunday, April 12, 2015

Faith for a Farm... Finding our Little Farmstead

It's hard to believe - - we have reached the one year anniversary of this blog! 

Thank you to each of you who have read, commented, encouraged and shared life with me in this little space. I have truly enjoyed the friendships here and the opportunity to share the joy of nesting, creating and celebrating life's special occasions with you, kindred spirits. 

I am excited to start a new series on Sundays, named after my very first post... 
'Faith for a Farm'. While most of the posts on Little Farmstead have to do with home decorating, DIY projects, parties and bits of pieces of our family life here on our mini farm, this new series will focus on our personal stories of faith. 

I hope they will be an encouragement to you!

Finding our Little Farmstead

For many years, my husband and I dreamed of a country home where our three boys could have some wide open spaces to play and explore. 

We hoped for a mini farm where we could learn together the joy and responsibilities of caring for some animals. We imagined a home with additional outdoor space that would be inviting for our extended family and friends.

My husband's one requirement was that our new home had a  place for a fire pit. Growing up camping, he knew that's where our boys would sit and talk with us - around a camp fire.

I think a big part of the dream was having more reasons to be at home together, as a family.

Over the years, we looked at many houses, but the doors always seemed to close due to possible job relocation, finances, timing, didn't quite feel right, etc. My sister and I would scour online listings and do many "drive-bys" of homes for sale, keeping the dream alive. Thank you, Jodi. ;)

During this time, I struggled because I knew I had so much to be thankful for and didn't want to be materialistic... yet the dream for a change in lifestyle for our family was so strong, I could almost taste it. 

The challenge was to continue to hope, dream and trust without becoming discouraged or discontent.

In addition to our prayers and the prayers of our family, we had a special group of friends who prayed with us about this dream. I remember one girls night out with three of my close friends. After enjoying dinner together, we sat in my friend's mini(van) and prayed together. We each asked the Lord for specific desires of our hearts. It was amazing to see each one of those four requests answered, including us moving into our little farmstead!

When we first were shown this home - with over two acres of mostly fenced, flat land, a charming country house, a barn and a chicken coop - we knew (okay, we hoped!) this was it. It was all that we had hoped for! And can I tell you how glad we were that none of those other places had worked out? It was truly worth the wait. We moved in the week before Thanksgiving one year ago. 

Though I know happiness is not a place, we are so grateful and happy to be here. We thank the Lord for answering our prayers and bringing our family here... for however long He sees fit. 

Please know I am not equating a house with many more urgent situations. I know there are people struggling in relationships, with health issues and with financial needs. 

I share our story of finding our home in hopes of encouraging you to offer your dreams to the Lord in prayer, knowing He is always good. And that He cares deeply for you. Perhaps what you dream of is a desire He has planted in your heart for a reason...

 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

Have a blessed Sunday!


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  1. Isn't God so good! He longs to give us the desires of our heart! This is a beautiful testimony for your family. And now you get to share it with us! Looking forward to reading your Sunday faith-filled posts. You know, as a Christian, every post we share is faith-filled even if it is a DIY post. God's creativity flowing through us to bless others. Have a blessed week! Diane

    1. Hi Diane ~ yes, you are right! Thanks for your encouragement and for taking the time to respond. Have a wonderful week! ~julie

  2. This is lovely, Julie. It reminds all of us to have faith in the Lord to meet our needs and yes, even some of the desires of our hearts. He definitely knows what's best for us. Thanks for sharing your faith and I look forward to reading your Sunday posts!

  3. God shows up just when we need him, keep walking in faith.

    Beautiful message



  4. This sounds like a great new series! I'd encourage you to include people who had to exercise endurance and faith when God didn't answer their prayers the way they had hoped...we seem to never hear about them. :-)
    Mary Alice

    1. Yes, yes and yes, Mary Alice. :) Thank you so much for your feedback. The Lord doesn't always answer how we hope - - and I don't believe everything we want is always what He wants for us. Walking through those types of situations exercises a different degree of faith and perseverance than when our prayers are answered in the affirmative. Though, while we are in the asking phase, we don't know how our prayers will be answered! If you have would like to share a personal story of faith, I would love to hear from you! Just email me at

  5. I relate so much to this post, Julie! Two years ago, we packed our entire lives up and moved from the west coast to a bitty town in the south. We still have people asking how we found this place (internet). Honestly, we still ask ourselves that same question but we truly know the answer. He guided us here and has provided so well for us. The move was surreal and I just felt like someone else was doing the motion for me. God is GOOD and he provides us with what we need. He knows better than we do. So glad you got your little slice of heaven.

    1. That is awesome Amber! I love your story and look forward to learning more about the process and all that unfolds in your family's adventure! :)

  6. Matt. 7:11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? KJV

    This is the verse that came to mind when I read today's post. God enjoys giving His children good things to those who ask.

    1. Yes! That is right. He owes us nothing, yet has given us everything through His Son, Jesus! All of these extra gifts... just His kindness to us. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Julie I really enjoyed your post today. Looks like we have not run into each other by chance, we are kindred spirits. I had a fire pit in the home that I raised my children. Those were beautiful times of family bonding. I grew up on a small horse farm and showed horses all over. You and I started our blogs almost at the same time. Mine is April 23, 14. You are old enough to be my daughter, yet we are all daughters of our Heavenly Father. If you need any help with your Sunday series be sure to send me a message. It's a great idea. Hugs, Jo

  8. I really enjoyed reading the story of how you came to find your house! I really do believe that God has a hand in everything we do. If you want something bad enough and God thinks it's a good plan, it will happen! Glad that he answered your prayers.

  9. Julie,
    What a beautiful story...thank you for sharing it at my Show and Share Party.


  10. I look forward to your faith posts and believe God led you to your farm. God loves us and wants us to be happy. Wendy J

  11. A lovely post filled with faith and love of family! I am so glad that you found your dream home and share your love of God. xo Karen

  12. Julie ! So very similar to our situation although I waited for our farmhouse dream much longer than yours! God has also blessed with our Idaho farm

  13. Julie! Love the Sunday story idea! I share all your thoughts on your values and thanking for the doors opening at the right and perfect time! God bless you and family! Life is a challenge and a blessing everyday!

  14. This is a really sweet story! I love how you felt the Lord's hand in your blessings, and His love for your family. It's also fun to see how your decorating style correlates perfectly with your lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Nicki! I just visited your site but want to return when I have more time... You have such a great sense of fashion and style. Thank you for dropping by! ~julie

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