Sunday, March 6, 2016

Farmhouse Style: Is Now the Time for Brown and Blue?

Do you ever lack inspiration for your home?

You know, when the decor has grown a bit... well, dull. 

And then the Seattle gray skies seem like they're going to suffocate you. 
(Oh wait, that last part may just be me and my Seattle homegirls!)

Sometimes the best medicine is to pull the car over and clip some flowering branches. 
(Don't worry, they weren't in anyone's yard.)

And while I think it's great to know your style, sometimes introducing an unexpected color or pattern can breathe some fresh life into a tired space. 

I'm not typically drawn to brown (especially in spring), but there was just something about these brown and sand striped pillows that I loved. They are heavy duty, with a ton of texture. And, I love how the brown striped pillows work with the soft blue chambray pillows.

The brown adds some contrast to our mostly white room. 
(The boys in our house gave that a thumbs up!)

I added a few more books and a touch of greenery to the nesting boxes. 
And I'm hoping to plank the wall above the fireplace sometime soon...

What is inspiring you this (almost) spring? Has there been a color that works well in your house that has surprised you?

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


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  1. Great

  2. I like the brown addition! Gives it a bit of a masculine touch. And I know you have plenty of males around!

  3. The brown looks good....adds texture, contrast and depth. It is nice to see something different.

  4. So cute Julie! Hope you have all recuperated from your travels! What fun I'm sure!

  5. So pretty! I love the fresh blossoms and the striped pillows are great!

  6. I love your new pillows! I like the pretty flowering branches on your coffee table too. I have some fake white cherry blossom branches on mine right now too! I have recently introduced yellow to my home. It's now only in my bedroom and bathroom though. I love to experiment with different colors.

  7. Very pretty, and I really like all the different textures. I am working on washing our white slipcovers after work this week and plan to switch out the dark charcoal pillows but I'm not sure if I am ready for my turquoise or if I should try something different. Your pillows all look lovely.

  8. Love the pillows and looking forward to seeing the planking. I posted a picture of a white, brown, and medium blue recently that I am loving. Just need to get brave enough to finally pick a white...who knew it would be so hard.

  9. I love the brown it's earthy! Reminds me of gardens and digging in dirt where you can plant the emerging pastel flowers of spring. And... chocolate bunnies which I can't eat anymore...unless they're sugar-free LOL.


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