Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Summer Yard Sale Farmhouse Finds...

You guys. If only you had been with me on Saturday. 

There's this mini farm that we drive by often, and almost every time we pass it, my husband and I have to comment on it. We take turns, but inevitably I will say, "Oh I love that place - it is so cute..." or my husband will say, "That's a really cool place, isn't it?" It's like we can't go by without acknowledging our mutual appreciation.

On Saturday, we were on the way home from one of our son's soccer games and guess who was having a yard sale? 

Yes! The charming mini farm. 

It felt like my husband was driving in slow motion as he found somewhere to park... I was ready to hop out mid-stop! At first glance, there wasn't a ton of stuff. But then, I looked over in the opposite direction and saw a dream stack of farmhouse antiques. There was a lady trying this antique caddy on for size. She sort of looked it over, picked it up, examined it and set it down... I made my move.

I see the number four, and think, "Character! It has a story. Someone etched a four onto it!" (Mind you, the number four has no particular significance to me - we are a family of five, none of my children are four, it's not my lucky number... Hey, wait... I grew up in a family of four. It was meant to be! ;)

But the pièce de résistance was this antique sifter. I mean, who of us has not been looking for one of these?! Well, the previously-mentioned woman had it in her hands. I tried to be casual. And then, the moment she set it down, I swooped (perhaps five seconds too fast) in to grab it. Then I awkwardly announced to the homeowners that I would be purchasing it and the caddy, as I began to make a pile. 

All I can say is that I didn't push, and I did not take anything out of anyone's hands, per se... 

You'll be proud to know that I did not have to fight off anyone for the vintage kettle below. It spoke to me with its chippy paint, wood handle, and timeless shape. And the price was right!

I love this kettle for decor, but also think this sort of unique container would make such a thoughtful gift, filled with flowers.

And last, were these antique spools. They made me think of fall... and candles. 

Their weathered black paint gives them personality, don't you think?

It was fun talking with the homeowner. She and her husband had lived at the beautiful mini farm for thirty years! She commented on how much the area has changed, and talked about all the work it was to keep up the property. I let her know that we always commented on how much we liked their home, and she seemed genuinely pleased. 

She let our youngest son (the only one who was with me) pick out a frog figurine to keep. It was very sweet, but he was at a loss for what he was supposed to do with it. (When she mentioned her frog collection, we had both mistakenly thought she meant real frogs. Now that, he would have jumped at... ;)

Thank you for stopping by today!

Have you come across any great finds this summer? I'd love to hear in the comments below!



  1. Great grabs, I mean finds. Love the frog story!

  2. What a haul...love everything and we would be rolling on the ground in a tussle over these if I was there! LOL!

  3. WOW... You hit paydirt..... that kettle is amazing!!!

  4. I can feel the excitement in your voice! I hope to go to a little farm sale this Saturday. Hope I find a treasure, too.

  5. Love your blog, and also your space in Monroe (although I don't get there often). I'm not sure if anyone else has said so, but the first item, the caddy, was used for picking berries. One large box of a bunch of the little boxes would fit in it and the pickers would use the caddy as they picked the berries... I grew up in Woodinville and there was a strawberry farm across the street; I used these wood carriers as I picked berries for some pocket money. All great finds, I must say!!


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