Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Huckleberry & June...

We meant to pick up one kitten, got a few hundred feet down the road, turned around, and went back to get his sister. : )

Huckleberry is on the left. He loves people and attention and will come right up to you, meowing as if he has something important to say. He's an active little guy!

This is June. She is sweet, calm and loves to be held. 
When held, she begins purring almost immediately.

Our boys are enjoying the extra life and excitement these two are bringing to our home. They are so playful! 

(And yes, I will admit, I sneak off to hold them or watch them play often throughout the day!)

Hope your day is going well!


  1. So adorable, I love sweet little kittens and how perfect to get two siblings!

  2. Hi Shannon - yes! They do keep each other company! : ) Thanks for reading - and I always enjoy reading your comments! Happy summer!


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