Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Horse Gate...

If you had stopped by our house yesterday, you may have seen me doing a happy dance. It wasn't pretty (my 5th grader would tell you). But I was so excited!

Since we moved into our home last November, this beautiful iron horse gate has been propped up next to a fence, just waiting for the chance to do its job. 

Without getting into all of the details, I'll just mention "property lines" and an "easement"…  It took some figuring out, some patience, some perseverance and some prayer. I am happy to report that we're still on speaking terms with our neighbors. :) 

In fact, one neighbor even came by to help us install the gate!

After seeing the gate up for the first time, our oldest and I walked back to the house as the sun was setting. Some days the little things feel like big things.

There's something cozy about having the gate… 
It feels like our little family is all "tucked-in." 

Wishing you a beautiful sunset shared with the ones you love… 
and whatever it is that will make you do your happy dance today!



  1. Your gate looks wonderful! I totally understand that "tucked-in" feeling... :-)

  2. I love your new gate! With all of the property you have, it's a good idea to have some security.

  3. It is a lovely gate! I hope that it keeps you all safe and sound in just the right way. xx

  4. I'd be doing a happy dance if I had a gate like that. It's gorgeous!
    Mary Alice


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