Monday, May 12, 2014

Our First Farmhouse Vegetable & Herb Garden!

When our boys first saw our new house, they thought it was perfect that there were three raised garden beds - one for each of them! 

This past weekend we were able to get our hands dirty, planting seeds and starters in our vegetable and herb garden. 

The boys worked hard preparing the beds. I loved to see our oldest (ten) getting so into it! He really took pride in his work and then helped his younger brothers. 

Our youngest (4 1/2) loved to dig (of course!) and kept saying, "I'm really good at this!" : ) 

While our middle son (8) spent most of his time examining all the "country" bugs he found.

We are excited to see how our little garden grows! I'm hoping the boys will eat more  veggies, knowing that they came from their own garden… fingers crossed!

Are you planting a garden this year? I'd love to know what you are planting! Any tips for this novice?



  1. Have fun with your family,and all your learning will come in time just go for it

  2. Thanks Joan… yes, that's how I feel (and what I hope)! I'm also trying to pay attention to little tips from a neighbor, my mom and basically anyone with more gardening experience! : )


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