Thursday, May 15, 2014

Arbor Charm + Wisteria + The Real Show Stopper

Again I will say how grateful we are to the previous owners for putting so much thought and detail into the gardens and design of the property. This is the view from our kitchen sink window of a charming arbor off of the smaller back porch. 

I hadn't known during the winter that the bare vines would result in this beautiful wisteria! (It makes washing all those dishes not quite so bad : )

And here is the view from the back, looking into our kitchen window. (I don't usually have baby girl dresses hanging from our dining room window - but I'm getting ready for a baby shower this weekend!)

This is what we see from the above cobblestone path looking left. I loved the way the sun was shining on the pasture trees. In times like these I'm reminded that my "perfect" throw pillow or paint color can never compete with God's beautiful creation!

There is another arbor in the front of our property. I love how it marks the entrance in a cozy sort of way...

Do you have an arbor or are you thinking of adding one? They are great for adding drama, privacy, foliage in the spring and summer, and architectural interest in the dormant season.

Have a wonderful day!

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