Friday, August 22, 2014

The Cabin at the Lake ~

Hi Friends. I've missed you!

We just got back from a week at a lake cabin in eastern Washington. My parents rented a large cabin where they met the five of us, as well as my sister's family of five. It was wonderfully warm and except for the weekend, we mostly had the lake to ourselves! 
(A big switch from busy Seattle lakes!)

I learned that kids NEVER tire of jumping off a dock. (Especially when cousins are involved!)

(On a separate, unrelated note, I also learned that one can't TRULY appreciate a shower until one hasn't had one for two or three days! Seriously. What a luxury we take for granted most every day!!)

Here's where I snuck off to for a quick read! 
Those seven-and-a-half minutes were oh so peaceful...

Got an old boot? Here's a cute idea:

Our five-year-old claimed he saw an indian on top of the cliff...

Sunday morning "church" on the dock with "Papa Pastor" was a sweet time.

The kids tubed and knee-boarded around the lake… 

We will always cherish the memories and time spent together… 

Hope you are having a happy Friday evening!



  1. What great memories your family made this summer. I remember not too long ago when my entire family would go to the beach every summer. We had great times that no one can take away!

    1. Yes, we'll cherish those memories won't we? Thank you for relating and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I really enjoyed your pictures of the Lake and the church on the dock!


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