Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Heart France {Give-Away!}

The first time I visited Paris, I was in college. I kept looking for cameras following me - I felt like I was in a movie! :) I had never seen such architecture, art, history, fashion, cathedrals and cafes. I was so nervous that I was going to miss something, that I zipped through almost all of the "must-see" attractions the first 36 hours I was there! 

The second time I was in Paris was while I was working in aerospace. I was there to attend the Paris Air Show. I "had" to stay over the weekend because the airfare was cheaper that way. C'est la vie!

I savored some leisurely time at Cafe de Flore - observing that 'je ne sais quoi' that Parisians seem to have. A chocolate croissant and cafe au lait made the people watching all the sweeter. I was just taking one for the team. 
(So glad the company saved on the airfare! ;)

Then, when our oldest son Hudson was almost two and I was pregnant with our second son, Noah, I told my husband that Hudson and I would accompany him on a business trip to Montreal and Stockholm... IF we could squeeze Paris in between. 

I smile thinking back now. A pregnant lady and a toddler give new meaning to "business travel." He was probably wondering what the upside for him was! He was kind (and smart!) to never bring that up when he took us along.

I'll never forget Hudson running and playing in the park in front of the Eiffel Tower, wearing his little Paris t -shirt. It was a special time in Paris, walking along the Seine and visiting the Notre Dame, this time with my loves.

I've never been to the French countryside, but I dream of going. Until then, I love reading books about Americans who have moved to France. Their adventures and the differences in culture are always so entertaining. ;) 

When I came across two of my all-time favorite French reads, while perusing  a second-hand shop, I knew this give-away was meant to be! 

On Rue Tatin is a book about Susan Loomis' move to a picturesque town in Normandy, where she and her husband restored a dilapidated convent for their home, raised their children and now own and operate On Rue Tatin, a cooking school.

My Life In France is a wonderfully informative and charming story of Julia Child's time in France, which began in 1948. Her sheer joy of French living, closeness with her husband and passion to master (and teach) the art of French cooking shine through in this touching memoir.

So here's how to enter.... 

Please leave a comment about anything related to France. It may be something you enjoy - like a French food or decorating style, something you would like to see in France or a French book or movie you'd recommend! 

Once you comment, you're entered! 

One random winner be announced next Friday, February 21st. US residents only. 
The winner will be mailed On Rue Tatin and My Life In France.

Oh, I hope you win.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. I have only been to France once, but It is still vivid in my mind. One day spent in Giverny with my sister is on my Top Ten Days in my life. We sat on a bench overlooking the lily pond - both of us sketching and writing in our journals.

    1. Thank you for sharing (and entering!). What a special memory! I would love to visit Giverny and can imagine how special that time with your sis must have been. France is just plain good for the soul. :)

  2. Never dreamed I'd see any of Europe but, got to cruise, saw little of France Spain and Rome. The Vatican. I'd love to see more. Thank you.

  3. Years ago my son did a project for school about Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, a famous Frenchman.

    I'd love to win the books & this is the first French thought that popped into my mind. :)

  4. Oh please dear count me in... I am French, and love the french culture, went when I was very young and plan to go again someday with my daughter and perhaps some friends. Love to decorate with a French flavor to me home. I have not read these books but should perhaps plan to even if I am not your winner....

    We love the movie....."French Kiss," with Meg Ryan, we watch it over and over.
    Also...... "Chocolat" "Sabrina"....
    My daughter wanted me to tell you to watch the episode of Gossip Girl where Blair Waldorf is Running through the Paris train Station in a red long ball gown to Chuch Bass stating her love, all while Sia is playing in the back ground, song... I'm in here, piano vocals.
    Yes my dear we are romantics for France, and traces of it can be found all around our French cottage.

    See you soon my dear.
    Beautiful post.



  5. Ps. You havé had a very intéresting life, and so much more ahead of you.


  6. The second time I went to Paris (I've only been there twice.) I rented a tiny apartment. I paid for the two week stay, bought food to stock the minuscule kitchen and figured out how to turn on the heat. Before I went out to explore, I put my purse over my shoulder beneath my winter coat. Just as the Metro reached the first stop, I was pushed by a child, and I had to grab the pole to stay on my feet. I thought, "Oh, my gosh, she is pick-pocketing me!" Before I had a chance to steady myself, the train doors opened and the little girl stepped off backwards. The doors closed and she was gone. I got to meet a very handsome detective and see the inside of a police station. It took about a week to get my credit card reissued. During that week, I had the best time. I saw Paris on my feet, met lots of people, and had a trip that I would have never had with money in my wallet. I'd advise it!

  7. I have seen a lot of Europe, but have not made it to Paris yet, or anywhere in France. I too dream of seeing the countryside! I love French pastries and French writing, script just makes my heart soar! Thanks for offering this wonderful give away. Have you seen the movie, 100 foot walk? Loved it!!

  8. Thanks, Alice, for a great giveaway! My dream is to one day go to Provenance when the lavender fields are in bloom...oh, the fragrance that must be in the air! And what a sight to behold...a purple sea for acres. Ooo la la!

  9. I have not been to Europe as of yet, although my dream vacation is France and Ireland. I love to paint and I also keep an Art Journal. As you, I long to visit the French country side and capture it's beauty on canvas as well as paper.

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  10. I hope to one day visit Paris and walk the streets and drink coffee in the cafes and people watch. And come back transformed like in the movie "sabrina".

  11. I wish to go one day, my sister and her husband went last year, they took a bus from Holland for 3 days, it wasn't enough, they plan on returning for her 50th birthday, I would love to join them..I have to go and indulge in some French food (macaroons, chocolate, croissants)

  12. In four years three momentous events occur- our house will be paid off, I will turn 60 and our youngest will graduate from college! So my plan is then to finally be able to travel to Paris and to Giverny to see Monet's home. Until that time my Parisian theme bathroom will have to suffice!

  13. In four years three momentous events occur- our house will be paid off, I will turn 60 and our youngest will graduate from college! So my plan is then to finally be able to travel to Paris and to Giverny to see Monet's home. Until that time my Parisian theme bathroom will have to suffice!

  14. I've always wanted to go to France, because my maternal ancestors are from Alsace, which was actually a German city off an on until France claimed it the last time. So depending on what year it was, I'm either half German or half French lol

    Have you seen Midnight in Paris? I love that movie. Also, someone mentioned French Kiss, another excellent one :)

  15. Oh, your story is a delightful one. I suspect your husband adored having his wife and toddler with him while in Europe. My first visit to France was to join my husband on a business trip to Paris. We've been very fortunate to return to Paris and other parts of France many times, but I'll never forget the magic of that first Parisian experience. To this day, my favorite Parisian delight is walking and letting serendipity dictate my day.

  16. I've never been to France but I studied French in high school and college. I love all things French and love to decorate my 125 year old Queen Anne Victorian in the shabby chic style. One day after our last child (out of five) graduates from college next year, we really want to travel to Europe and see Paris, Italy and Ireland. I even named one child Madeleine and four of our kids graduated from Notre Dame. How French is that? :0) thanks for the chance to win those books! They look wonderful!!

  17. Ooh, la la! I visited Paris one year and Provence another. I fell in love. Thank you for the giveaway. I love anything about France.

  18. I have not been to Paris since 2009 but want to return. You have to love a country where a glass of wine costs less than a can of Coke!

  19. Oh, I hope I'm not too late. I haven't been reading blogs as I'm keeping my granddaughter this weekend. I love Paris! My husband and I were there 8 years ago for our anniversary. We had the best fondue at some little hole in the wall place and hot chocolate at another lovely place. I would go back in an instant. Even if I'm too late for the giveaway, thanks for bringing back my memories on this cold, snowy day.

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