Monday, August 10, 2015

A Beautiful Italian Country Inspired Home

The other day, my boys and I headed up a long driveway, past a gently rolling hill and a sweet little stable. We felt as if we'd driven right into the Italian countryside...

It was like walking through the pages of House Beautiful... 

You guys!

We were warmly welcomed in by my sweet friend, Helen, who had invited our Bible Study group over for lunch and swimming for the kids.

A charming pinstriped wingback settee looked like it was made for the entryway...

Walking through the doors, we came to this elegant sitting area and stairway...

The family room fireplace was one of my favorite features in the home.

With five sons (yes, 5!) living at home, the house has lots of fun areas 
for the boys and their friends to enjoy, including a foosball table in this 
lovely room (appreciated, but not pictured ;).

I'm pretty sure this tight-knit family gathers often for dinners in the dining room. 
 (I picture grilled salmon, vegetables and creme brûlée.)

Timeless, old-world charm mixed with modern comforts...

Attention to detail was evident throughout the house with special touches, like these beautiful antique-inspired doorknobs... on each and every door!

One of the boys' hangout rooms...

Aren't these ottomans great?!

She even has pretty laundry room organization...

And this covered outdoor living area, near the pool, is where we spent most of our time. It was a challenge, but we managed. ;)

And here's where our kids spent most of their time! (Doesn't it look like the Mediterranean?? Washington state never looked so good.)

I remember talking with Helen when she and her husband were in the process of buying their home, about a year ago. What was most important to her, in choosing a home, was having a place where family and friends would feel welcome. 
A place where loved ones would want to gather.

As our group of friends lingered - our kids playing with Helen's youngest boys - I couldn't help but notice her older sons and their friends, coming and going. They'd pull up to the kitchen island for lunch, chat with Helen and be on their way. 

It's just what she pictured.

Beautiful, welcoming and warm... 

Thank you, Helen, for sharing your home with us.

I hope you all enjoyed this tour!



  1. That is such a beautiful home. It's luxurious yet family friendly at the same time. I love her pool and the outdoor swimming area!

    1. It is! I do too - the backyard and pool really felt like a nice, Mediterranean hotel! :) Thanks for stopping by Kelly...

  2. What a beautiful home! I love the pool and the gardens! Hard to believe how clean it is with 5 boys!!

    1. I know! She must have worked hard to get there - because I have three boys, and I know how undone the house can get each day just with normal wear and tear in summer! Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Helen has a fantastic house for her family.

    I often visit amazing houses and wish I could take pictures, but I never have the nerve to ask!

    1. I completely understand how you feel. I have walked away from charming homes, never having asked because I didn't want to put someone on the spot. I think you usually just get a feeling if it would be okay or not... and sometimes people enjoy seeing their home through someone else's eyes. That is actually what got me blogging! Our home was part of Design Mom's "Living with Kids" series. :)

  4. Julie, such a beautiful charming home. You and your boys must of had a great time. I have 3 boys and I think my daughter thought she was one to. lol Some days I felt like testosterone dripped from the walls. lol Have a lovely day. Jo

  5. What a fabulous share, I could also move into this home, who couldn't?

    Your boys look to be having the time.


  6. What a stunning home. Your friends certainly has a magic touch. Mimi xxx

  7. I jsut love it when families share their larger homes for their kids' friends and Bible study groups too.

    1. Yes, agree! So neat when people share their blessing to bless others...

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Martina (not that it's mine, but you know what I mean ;)!

  9. My heart is beating quicker right now, I have fallen in love with this home!

  10. Stunning home. My son and daughter in law have that same stair case. It s a small world. Thank your friend for letting you share pictures of her home. Pamela in Ohio


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