Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Last Summer Hurrah! {Whistler}

We woke our boys up early the other morning 
and headed out for a "mystery trip..." 

My parents used to take my sister and me on mystery trips when we were little. I remember the excitement of not knowing where we were headed! The mystery trip was sometimes a real trip (like a little vacation), while other times it was more of a day trip or special activity. The mystery trip that most stands out to me was going to see the Ice Capades. That got this girl dreaming and shortly after I asked for ice skating lessons for my birthday! ;)

The last mystery trip we took our boys on was to a trampoline park and pizza. So, they weren't guessing we were heading across the border to Whistler, B.C.!

The drive up was beautiful! We were surrounded by the mountains and sea. The rivers in Whistler are a milky turquoise color due to meltwater from glacial ice.

Once we arrived, we enjoyed that everything was within walking distance. 

Here's my man and our three little men walking through Whistler village. The architecture is charming, it's clean, and there are lots of great shops and restaurants!

This was the view from our hotel window! 

It didn't take us long to find our way down to the pool...

Just behind our hotel, at the base of the mountain, were lots of activities for kids. It was fun to watch our boys do the bungee trampoline. Our middle son nailed the flip, which we found was harder than it looked!

And the luge-style sled slide! I rode with our youngest (who tends to throw caution to the wind). I was screaming while he was laughing in delight! He had control of the brakes and opted not to use them much. It was a blast and a fun memory for sure.

Our oldest son, coming down the slide, also enjoyed a little skateboarding on this trip. He's dreaming of mountain biking next time... There are lots of courses with all kinds of crazy jumps!

The farmer's market was going on when we arrived. 
We dined on wood-fired pizza and organic fruit smoothies.

It was a treat to stay at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

Need a centerpiece idea? :)

This may be more doable... 

This picture reminds me of the freedom and adventure that summer brings!

As school and routine beckon us to return - I'm so grateful for this - our last-ditch effort to run away and squeeze the last drop out of summer and 24-7 togetherness! 

Now, back at home, if I'm honest, I'll admit that we've begun tripping over each other a bit. We've got some less than desirable end-of-summer "habits" and irritations forming. It's probably time. Structure is not a bad thing, I remind myself. Having at least a couple of rooms in the house picked up does sound dreamy.

But you guys. I miss these guys already. Tidiness is overrated.

I want to be back in that hotel room with my people, sharing pillows and watching that monkey movie... Knowing we'll be heading down to the pool in the morning.

Be kind to yourselves and all the mamas you pass by. 
We are all conflicted in late August...



  1. Fantastic post about your trip and nice pictures! Enjoy the summer!

  2. that place looked great! It's so nice that you were able to spend one last vacation together doing something fun. Aren't family vacations just the best?!

  3. What gorgeous pics of the mountains! That place looks so quaint. I'm so glad you guys got away for some fun times.

    1. It is an amazing place to visit! Thank you Brenda!

  4. What a beautiful place to enjoy a vacation. Husband and I have been empty nesters for 20 years so our summer goes on and on. As we take a vacation in October. I so enjoyed your pictures. Pamela in Ohio

    1. An October vacation sounds wonderful! Beautiful time of year!

  5. Yup, that's right in my backyard. You probably passed my place on your way there. I hope you were treated with great Canadian hospitality and will remember us with fond memories.

    1. We sure were! Such welcoming people and a beautiful country! Didn't realize you were our neighbor to the north! :)

  6. What a wonderfully amazing mystery trip. We never had misery trips like this when we were young, don't get me wrong we went on plenty of trips...yet a mystery trip was more like a day at an amusement part! Yes, Fun to all get to when your a kid, but this trip I am sure was out of this world fun and interesting to your boys, and fun for mom and dad.

    Love that your son is having so much fun with sledding....happy days ahead of you.




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