Tuesday, August 8, 2017

An Announcement... (And a Trencher Dough Bowl)

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I'm excited to share something I've been working on with you!

Yesterday, I signed an agreement to have a retail space in one of my favorite shops for unique, time-worn treasures... 
M & M Antiques in Monroe, Washington. 

While I won't officially have my space ready until September 1st, I brought in a sun-faded little table and bench, and stacked them with items that represent the kinds of things you'll find in my space. 

One of the items was this beautiful 19th century trencher dough bowl...

It was hand-hewn, most likely out of maple. It has a flat bottom and carved hand grips at each end. It is in very good condition with no cracks, splits or holes. I bought it from a lady who had purchased it in Missouri 50 years ago. I love that it is a little piece of American history - as these types of dough bowls were staples in 1800's kitchens.

They make beautiful centerpieces - fill them with lavender or hydrangeas in summer, 
pumpkins and shed antlers in fall, pinecones in winter, and lilacs in spring...

This dough bowl is now available for purchase in my space at M & M Antiques. So if you live local in the Seattle area, stop by! The store is full of just about anything your antique and vintage-loving heart could imagine... 

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And if you're not local (or even if you are :), you can find dough bowls on Etsy. You can also find them on eBay.
Do you have a dough bowl of your own? What's your favorite or most creative way to decorate with it?!



  1. That's a lovely dough bowl! You can see how its weathered under various hands.

    1. Thanks Brenda! Yes, I love that it has a story... Hope your summer is going well!

  2. I inherited my great grandmother's dough bowl & I so love decorated it for the seasons. My great-grandfather hand carved it for her in the 1860s.

    1. Wow Jenny! That is amazing that it has stayed in your family all these years - what a special family heirloom. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Congratulations on renting a retail space in such a lovely location. Just found your blog from The Essence of Home.

    1. Thank you Joy! So happy you found me here. Kelly is so sweet and has a beautiful home - I enjoy her blog as well. :)

  4. I adore dough bowls and lavender so this picture caught my eye right away. Congratulations on your new retail space in Monroe. We used to live in Washington and day trips north to Monroe were a favorite thing to do!

  5. Just found your blog from The Essence of Home.

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