Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chippy Bench Love And a Porch That's Seen it All...

This summer our porch has seen brothers and their buddies, popsicles and hot dogs. Cats and two labradors (though never at the same time!) - one lab fast as Sea Biscuit and one who walks like Eeyore. 

Our porch has served as a laboratory for impromptu science experiments and has patiently collected baseball gloves, soccer balls, nerf guns and light sabers. It's been there when we've greeted friends and when we've evaluated whether or not an injury would require a bandaid. It's heard laughter, tears, reprimands and all sorts of loud. We do loud well here. ;)

We recently found this bench with all its vintage chippy charm... 

The plan is for it to make its way to the shop in September... if we can part with it.

We shall see!

Thanks for visiting today,



  1. Love the bench! Great durable piece for boys and their friends.

  2. Love your sharing as to what has taken place on your porch. And now such a bench for sale, or maybe it stays with you much longer. I am sure someone will grab that piece and love all it offers indoors or out! If you decide to keep it? Will you paint it and lighten it up?
    Enjoy it for the time, or much longer.


    1. Hi Dore! So nice to hear from you. Yes, if we keep it I will probably lighten it up. How did you know?! ;)

  3. Keep the bench Julie! It's adorable along with your precious memories ! Change the color if you want something different ! Distressed white!

    1. Ah thank you Cindy! We may... and yes, I like the idea of distressed white. Hope your week is going well!

  4. Will you paint it and lighten it up?

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