Monday, January 29, 2018

Unique Vintage Farmhouse Finds {What Stays and What Goes to the Shop}

Hi friends ~ Thank you for your encouragement these last several months as we started our shop space inside of M&M Antiques in Monroe, WA. Many of you who are local have even come in and shopped. That means so much to me!

Today I thought I'd share some recent farmhouse finds and talk about the challenge of determining what we keep in our home vs. what goes into the shop. That's a question I get asked a lot... How do you know what to keep and what to sell?

First, let me say that I try to offer items in the shop that I would use in our own home. That helps me when considering purchases for the shop space. (But it can also cause me to second-guess keeping things because they would usually work so well in our home! See what I mean?! ;)

This 1920's hutch was a tough decision. One hundred year-old patina like this is hard to find. But, it is in our shop where it is holding a lot, and will hopefully make someone very happy!

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I had fun out picking the other day - I drug my husband along for the ride. While he might not have let on, I think he secretly enjoyed it. And I almost broke out an old cheer leading move when I spotted this antique Antiques sign! Six feet of weathered goodness right there. (It's available now in the shop.) 

You can also find vintage or vintage-inspired signs here.

If you've been here long, you know how I feel about planting flowers in chicken feeders
(I kept one and took one into the shop. If only there were two of everything!)

You can find chicken feeders and waterers online here.

The spindles (or balusters) looked instantly at home in our shop space. You can find similar ones here.

There are many times we buy something specifically for the shop - knowing (hoping!) that someone will love it and that it will be a good investment. 

Sometimes I will try something in our home and even though I like it, it just may not fit an area due to size or color. Those are the easy decisions, and those items are taken to the shop. 

Other times, I will have enjoyed a piece at home for awhile but feel the need to refresh a space. I may change things up by taking one thing to the store and bringing something new (which is usually old) home. There's always the chance I'll regret it, but you live and learn! Most often, a little change around the house is inspiring. Out with the old and in with the new old.

Then there are times, like with our Swedish Mora clock, that a piece fits like a glove, and we hope to keep it always as a family heirloom. 

Back to the finds...

I kept the two long, narrow metal trays (above). They were egg shelves in an old farm refrigerator. Since we have chickens and loads of eggs, I couldn't resist. I took that cool 1970's large metal green bucket into our space as well. Any guesses what it is? Well, it came from a golf club and was used to collect golf balls. It's so obvious (once you know). 

I've used these vintage bulb crates in our home as frames for canvas pictures of our boys and to hold books and magazines. I was happy to find more to share with shoppers. You can also find vintage crates here.

It's been a lot of fun (and work) having a shop space. It's another creative outlet, and an opportunity for me to contribute a little bit financially to our family. It's a blessing to be able to do this while keeping flexible hours as we are raising our children. 

I'm learning more about what sells in our market, price points, and how to display merchandise. I'm trying to make good decisions about what I keep in our home and what I take into the shop. I love hearing from so many of you who are nesters at home, but also sell. Any tips? Please keep them coming!


P.S. A special thanks to my friends Dore, Linette and Jen for your heartfelt input as I feel my way through these decisions on what to put to use in our home and what to take into the shop. I feel blessed with your care and inspired by your creativity! You each are amazing.


  1. It is all just so beautiful. Love those chippy table legs.
    Glad you are doing so well with all of this.


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