Friday, June 21, 2019

Little Farmstead Living {Our New Book!!!}

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Friends! It is with a full heart of gratefulness (and butterflies!) that I want to share my first ever book with you that is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Here are a few sneak peeks...

This book has been a labor of love, and in the works for the last 15 months. Little Farmstead Living is for anyone who has ever dreamed of life in the country! 

If you appreciate any of the simple joys of country living: farmhouse decorating, gardening, raising animals, freedom for children to run free, hosting gatherings for family and friends, and/or embracing the seasons... this book is full of ideas and images that will encourage you! 

I believe that people are drawn to a country lifestyle for many reasons and in many seasons of life. It was an honor to share more of our own family’s dream and story than ever before in this book... 

Whether you live in the country, the city, or the suburbs, you can incorporate many of the 
joys of country life right where you're at.

If you are looking for farmhouse decorating inspiration, we've included so many pictures and ideas for creating a warm and welcoming home. Pairing bright whites with time-worn accessories and furnishings rich with patina will provide you with a layered interior and cozy "gathered over time" feeling.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have visited this blog over the years. Your presence and words of encouragement have been so special to me.  I appreciate your support and hope you feel it coming back to you today! 



  1. Sharing your big news on the weekend edit over at Everyday Edits dot co
    I am a newish follower! laura (formerly not a trophy wife blog now Everyday Edits).

  2. How exciting---! From these photos, I'm betting your book will be a great success!

  3. So exciting! Looks totally lovely! CONGRATS!!!

    Cottage Blessings,

    1. Thank you very much Rebecca!! Hope your week is going well!

  4. Your book looks lovely packed full of beautiful images and cottage DIY inspiration. When is the release date to buy?

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