Friday, November 21, 2014

{Vintage Cookie Tin} Cake Centerpieces

Today I am excited to be participating in a Holiday Thrift Store Challengealong with several other blogging friends (you'll find links to their thrifted makeovers at the end of this post!), hosted by Thoughts from Alice.

Here was our challenge: Purchase an item or items at a thrift store, for under $25, to use for Christmas decor in a creative way. Give the items a complete makeover or use them in a creative vignette arrangement.

My thrift store purchase: Vintage cookie tins

My idea: Christmas Cake Centerpieces to be used on dining or dessert tables, fireplace mantels or anywhere else in your home that could use a festive touch!

This is my "Shabby/White Christmas" Cake Centerpiece.

This is my "Rustic/Vintage Christmas" Cake Centerpiece.

I started by scouring a few thrift stores for cookie tins in varying sizes. 
Thankfully, they are in abundance this time of year! 

Once I had my stash of tins, I experimented stacking 
the tins to form a layered cake effect.

Next, I painted the tins that would be used for the shabby cake, white. I used white paint with primer that I had on hand. 

I then gathered my supply of sheet music, ribbons, flowers, snow, muslin and other embellishments. I used a hot glue gun to attach the decorations to the cakes.

This challenge allowed us to add hand-crafted items and other embellishments. Some of my cake decorations were hand-made, and some are from affordable stores like the Dollar Tree and Michaels. 

In our family, we celebrate Christmas as Jesus' birthday… 
So, these cakes will also serve as a little reminder of the true meaning of Christmas!

I'm heading over to visit these other inspiring blogs for more ideas on how to re-purpose affordable thrift store finds for the season! 

I hope you will too... (Links below!)

Glam Christmas Throw Pillows by Thoughts from Alice

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Christmas Cloche by Craftberry Bush

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DIY Holiday Walling Hanging by House of Hipsters

Christmas Decor from Thrifty Find by Town and Country Living

The Trellis Tree by Cozy Little House

DIY Centerpiece Tray by Cherished Bliss

Rustic Christmas Tree by Delineate Your Dwelling

DIY Crocks by So Much Better With Age

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  1. Oh my are so insanely talented! Both of them look fantastic! I am so glad you joined me for the challenge ;)

    1. so kind Alice!! thank you for the amazing hop and all of your very hard work!! you're amazing!

  2. WoW! These are amazing, I love this idea.

  3. These are so beautiful, I'm definitely going to try these in the future.Thanks for sharing this gorgeous idea.

  4. Oh, wow! So creative! I would never look at those tins and come up with that. I LOVE them!

  5. How inspiring you are! I would never have thought of this. The final result is nothing short of spectacular. Girl, you did good! You have found your calling: one creative blogger.

  6. danke für die inspirationen!!! einen schönen freitag wünscht angie

  7. These are adorable! Love this idea!!

  8. Wow! Super creative! Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a darling idea! You could even repurpose this idea for birthday party backdrops, anything really. Great re-use of the tins!

  10. I have always wondered what to do with all the tins I see at garage sales and thrift stores. Well now I have so much inspiration that I am dying to make some! This has to be one of my favourite repurposes yet! I love the little bunting. Did you make that yourself? I think I may just have the topper for it. My homemade Chirstmas angel ornament!

  11. how stinkin' clever is this!?!?! they look AMAZING!!!! what a fabulous and unique idea!

  12. So beyond clever and charming! I am totally swooning over this and cannot wait to create one for our next gathering! I love all of the little embellishments. Just a perfect idea!


  13. Oh my gosh Julie, these are absolutely darling! What a creative idea. I have got to make one!!

  14. I knew I was collecting tins for SOME reason--I just didn't know exactly until I read your post! Ha! Clever as always! :-)

  15. So, so creative!!!!! I love the embellishments too! So awesome!

    Melissa @ Shabby Love

  16. wow. I never would have thought of this.My favorite craft I have seen in weeks!!!

  17. Holy cow they are fantastic and what a great use of items.

  18. I absolutely love these! You are so creative! They are gorgeous!!!!

  19. This is so fantastic! Very creative! I love it!

  20. SO clever! This would be perfect for any party... a baby shower... wedding shower... definitely keeping this idea in my brain! Thanks!

  21. This is SO clever!!! I never would have thought of this and you could use them for so many different occasions! Love!

  22. Wow this is great. We are busy packing a skid of Vintage Christmas Tins we recently bought and have been trying to figure out how best to display them. The wedding cake display is going to work well. Thanks!


  23. How how pretty! Love your style. Your living the right way.
    Look forward to following along your journey!

  24. Such an adorable idea.. It looks amazing!!

  25. This is so wonderful!!! I celebrate Christmas as Jesus' birthday too, but I never thought to decorate for Christmas with a birthday cake! So smart and creative. I think I will be using this idea someday! :) Thanks!

  26. This idea is so great! Your cakes are amazing- even if I can't eat them! ;)

  27. Julie, these are incredible!! I never would've have thought to make faux cakes out of cookie tins, but it's genius! And you have quite a knack for faux cake decorating ;) Gorgeous!!

  28. These are just awesome! They look like they belong in a high-end boutique. So clever- Great job!

  29. What a fun idea! Both cakes turned out so pretty. I can just image how fun it would be to put on together.

  30. These are just beautiful!!! What a great way to repurpose old tins!!! I am going to try this for the holidays this year!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  31. I can't wait to make this - amazing! I have so many tins.

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