Monday, September 1, 2014

10 New Fun Farm Things This Summer...

Happy Labor Day to all you hard working friends!

We woke up to this sweet hand-written sign today... 

Labor Day marks the unofficial last day of summer. The kids head back to school tomorrow and though I think we're ready, there is still a lump in my throat, having to say goodbye to this season of sun and togetherness.

But, instead of mourning it's passing, I wanted to share some fun firsts we had this summer, which was our first summer here at our Little Farmstead!

1. Our chickens laid their first eggs!

2. It was the first time we picked blackberries on our own property.

3. It's the first time we've ever had TWO cats! (Huckleberry and June)

4. It's the first summer we've gotten to roast marshmallows at home!

5. Our first (only?) Cowboys and Indians Pow-Wow.

6. We hosted our first campers!

7. We rode in our arena for the first time (our neighbor's horse)!

8. Our first summer with Sir Charles of Maltby - better known as "Charlie!"

9. We enjoyed fruit and vegetables from our first garden here!

10. We enjoyed many meals on our back porch…

It's good for the soul to count our blessings. 
Feeling thankful…so many answers to prayer! 

Thank you to those of you who've come over this summer! 
And thanks to you who have read along ~ you've made this journey so much sweeter…

Here's to a wonderful fall!


  1. You've made some wonderful memories this's great that you have documented them with words and photos! That way you'll never forget! You have a beautiful home and family! =)

  2. I hope that your fall is wonderful and filled with lots more firsts. xx

  3. Thanks Amy! Hope you have a great day!


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