Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Simple Spring Farmhouse Mantel...

I have long loved how beautifully and seemingly effortlessly Courtney of French Country Cottage and Mary Alice of Chateau Chic have used old books and mason jars in their mantel decorating. (I'm sure there are others - but these were the first two who came to mind!). 

I was especially drawn to this look because old books and mason jars are items I already have on-hand!

So, I snipped a few flowering branches from the yard and simply added a few books, jars and the branches to our existing mantel decor...

These trees in our front yard, are now in full-bloom. Even when it is still dark outside, their white flowers seem to be illuminated - almost like fresh fallen snow! They catch my eye from our laundry room windows. I am in awe of the Creator's artistry!

I hope it's beginning to feel like spring where you live. I know many have had an extra cold and long winter... and are extra ready for spring this year!

What do you have planned today?

I'm off to our youngest's field trip, which is to the grocery and pet store... so today especially, here's to finding beauty and wonder in the ordinary! ;)


  1. Love how you brought those flowering branches indoors. They look beautiful in the blue jars!

    1. Thank you Kelly! Easy enough, right? And if you don't have flowering branches available in your yard, I've noticed some of the grocery stores are carrying them in the fresh cut flower area...

  2. That fireplace is so beautiful with all the detailing. And more beautiful with your decorating skills!

  3. The white blooms look right at home in the vintage blue jars. Does seeing that tree out of your laundry room window make laundry more fun? ;-) Have a great day.
    Lori from LL Farm

  4. It feels so country charming here, like a stay at a B&B in the spring.
    Love the mantle, and all its natural blooms.


    Happy Spring

  5. Julie your mantle is so beautiful! I love the touch of blue with the gorgeous stems in the jars. Hugs, Jo

  6. Your mantel is gorgeous, Julie, with the beautiful fresh spring blooms inside your mason jars. Love how the mason jars add just the right pop of color on your mantel. You've incorporated all the things I love...ironstone, vintage books, mason jars...
    Btw, thanks so much for the mention...makes my day!!
    Mary Alice

  7. Julie! Again it's as adorable as can be ! Happy Spring from my Idaho farmhouse! Cindy

  8. Your mantel is perfect, I love all the elements! Your flowering branches are so wonderful. are they Crabapples? thanks so much for joining in for SYS.


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