Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Farmhouse Garden...

We're enjoying our second spring here at our little farmstead. The mature trees, plants and perennial flowers surprise us with new beauty daily this time of year.

There's something about wisteria that reminds me of an old-fashioned garden...

This white wisteria is in-bloom near the gate to our vegetable garden.

And these delicate purple flowers are adding a splash of color against the green beneath the large tree in our front yard...

The peonies, which I stalk check daily (my favorite!), are just starting to bloom.

The pale purple wisteria, covering our smaller back porch, has been especially abundant this year...

It's therapeutic for me to share these glimpses of garden beauty with you because there is SO much gardening work calling to be done. If I weeded all that needs to be weeded, you may never hear from me again. ;) And our vegetable garden remains half-planted (though today may be the day!).

Though there's always work to be done, here's to taking a moment to smell the roses, wisteria or whatever is blooming near you! 

Hope you have a great day...


  1. Your garden is just beautiful! I've never seen white wisteria, it's so pretty.

    1. Thank you! I don't think I had either until we moved here. :) Hope you have a great day!

  2. I love your wisterias,need to plant one in our garden.I´m a big fan of peonies also and your so right about the weeds,lol.Have a great week.

  3. I love your wisteria! It's so pretty hanging off the porch. I'm sure having that much property is a lot of work, but the privacy and space that you have makes it worth it.

  4. I love Wisteria and yours are gorgeous! I had a vine and a tree at my previous home. Sure do miss them! Hoping to add a vine on our garden shed after it gets built. Peonies are one of my favorites as well. Mine are just in bud also.

  5. Julie! Absolutely beautiful! Your look in the garden is very old fashioned ! Love it! Your Idaho farm friend!

  6. I take care of five perennial flower gardens for the village so I know what you mean. I would be out there every day if I didn't use Preen which is non-toxic so I use it. I've always wanted Wisteria, but I don't think it grows in the north. Your place is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I need to look into Preen! I need to find something that is safe for children and animals but will help us get the weeds under control...

  7. So pretty and I here ya about the weeds!

  8. Your garden is so lovely. This year I am going to try this mix for weeks: I gallon vinegar, 2 cups of Epson salt and 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap. I'll report on my blog: http://JoyouslyLivingLife.blogspot.com
    Let me know if you try it too. It's important to me to use no poisons in my yard.


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