Saturday, July 25, 2015

Simple Summer Country Joys...

Do you ever crave slowing down the clock and enjoying some simple country living? Maybe with loved ones or just some time alone with your thoughts?

May I suggest blueberry picking? 

Our boys and I headed out to a local farm. (Don't you love this sign? ;)

Tin buckets in-hand...

For one of the few times this summer, the boys got quiet ;) 
and lost themselves in the task of picking. 

There was a peacefulness of being out in that blueberry farm with one activity to focus on. Even our boys noticed with one of them saying, "I love it out here." 

We picked about 4 pounds of blueberries. We could have picked more, but football camp was calling to our oldest. ;) 

We left the farm with our little treasures, along with a sweet summer memory.

The short drive home wasn't too bad either...

Happy summer day!



  1. That looked like a fun day! I love blueberries and they're so good for you too. Loved the scenery you shared.

  2. You give those boys such wonderful experiences. Does that mean a blueberry pie or cobbler is in the works?

  3. So I see blue berry pancakes in a new post? Or blue berry sauce on a Belgian waffle topped with Ice cream and a bit of whipping cream, dessert and breakfast at the same time, yum!
    You do the best out door living with your boys, and they won't forget it.

    The sign is a grey metal sign and I could so see it hanging in your Farmhouse.

    See you soon dear,
    I have posted two French rooms filled with old, see you soon with all you inspire.



  4. Looks like you had a great time. I really admire you for being such a great Mom. Jo

  5. LOVE this post! lol love the tin buckets too! we had plastic ones! :/
    good stuff! I will have to explore around your blog some more I am so bad for not wondering around all these beautiful blogs! ~take care~Mel


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