Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sweet Summer Dreams... The Look of Heirloom Sheets

Hello! I'm so glad you stopped by. I hope your summer day is going well!

I recently received a lovely package from Perfect Linens. Inside, I found a set of their Second Skin Sheets - white with laurel blue embroidered hems.

The flat sheet and pillowcases, with embroidery detail,
 have a beautiful, French heirloom look to them...

The comfortable sheets are 100% Egyptian mercerized cotton, 
with a 400 thread count.

A Perfect Linens sheet set would make a wonderful gift! 

The FedEx box contained a tissue paper wrapped set, with a mild detergent designed for the preservation of fine linen fibers. The box also contained an informative letter about the specially-designed sheets and care instructions.

Did you know that you only need to use half the amount of detergent you normally use for sheets, since they don't contain the grit and deep-dirt stains of clothes? Using less detergent will also reduce residue build-up.

Another tip that I plan to use next time I wash the sheets is to remove them from the dryer and put them on our bed slightly damp. (Yes, damp!) 

Perfect Linens indicates that the fabric continues to dry while you iron out wrinkles with your hands. Since the sheets are 100% cotton, and can wrinkle when laundered, I think this tip will be very helpful.

If you are in the market for new sheets, I hope you'll visit Perfect Linens for a beautiful and comfortable set of sheets. They've generously offered $50 off of your purchase by using discount code: Farmstead50.

Sweet summer dreams... ;)



  1. Those are beautiful sheets! I recently reviewed a set myself from that company and love them. I like the design of yours with the scalloped edges.

    1. Thank you Kelly... what a treat for both of us!

  2. Lucky girl. It look so pretty and I bet they feel amazing to snuggle into after a long summers day.

    1. Grateful! Hope your summer is going well Robin...

  3. They're definitely beautiful, but unless you're sponsored by the company or have a whole lot of money, this isn't something the ordinary person could afford.

  4. Oh, they're so lovely. Love the embellishments.

  5. So country French, and so romantice in your home.

    Love them, and your bedroom I am sure loves them as well.


  6. Your sheets look great-I just got my set in the mail and am going to wash and sleep on them tonight!

  7. Quality sheets are worth their cost, but for those who can't afford them, don't forget to search for 100% cotton vintage sheets on-line. I get mine at estate sales and eBay. Most sheets were of good quality before the 1970s. Just something to keep in mind until you can order such a beautiful set like these. They are fabulous. ~Ginene


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