Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fall Nesting Boxes (Farmhouse Fall Decorating)

There are hints of fall in the air and on the trees. While I love summer, I must confess I've already begun burning vanilla pumpkin cream scents.

There's something about the crispness and colors of fall that call us to nest, creating cozy and inviting spaces. 

Speaking of nesting, I just added some tin buckets with dried hydrangeas to our nesting boxes. A simple chalk message reminding us to "give thanks" is an attitude I hope will be echoed in our home this coming season.

Some old books and a pumpkin or two...

Are you looking forward to fall or holding on to every last minute of summer?

I'm so glad you stopped by today. 

I'll be sharing more of our early fall family room soon...


  1. The dried hydrangea buckets look so cute and are a perfect transition to Fall... I was actually going to dig out my Fall decorations today but went to check the mail and it was 100 degrees outside which promptly changed that idea! I am burning a fall candle too... You're not the only one!

  2. So cute. I always love seeing the nesting boxes decorated.

  3. I am admiring the cow burlap cool!

  4. I wished for a close-u (in a previous comment) and here it is! Lovely!

  5. Those days of transitioning to fall decor in September seem so distant. Full-on fall decorations look so out of place before October, here in Phoenix, but your subtle touches are darling (love the antlers!). Oh, and Amen to fall candle scents :). Enjoy Autumn on your little farmstead!

  6. Love it all Julie! Your nesting boxes are just dreamy.

  7. So cute!! love it. I'm normally a cling to summer girl, but I am loving fall already. :) Your Union Jack pillow has me drooling... did you make it?


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