Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Autumn on the Farm...

Happy first official day of Fall!

Last week, my sister texted me, saying there was a "vintage antique country" sale being advertised by where she lived. Vintage, antique and country. 

This was serious. We were on it.

I found this rustic vintage wood scoop that I filled with our *new* colored eggs...

I've been looking forward to different colored eggs since we added three Americauna chicks to our little flock back in April. (Americaunas are one of the breeds of chickens who lay pale green or blue eggs.

Our new chickens just started laying eggs within the last couple of weeks. Gathering the eggs now seems a little more like an Easter egg hunt. 

I remember telling someone how we were enjoying having different colors of eggs. Confused, he asked, "Oh, do they taste differently?" "Um, no. It's just neat to see the different colors," I answered, voice trailing off... :)

Below, on the chippy chair, are two of the first pumpkins we've planted here. Eventually, we'd love to plant a whole patch of pumpkins...

I added a few plants for fall to our weathered coop...

Standing at the chicken coop, this is the view of the barn. We are soaking up every bit of sunshine, while it lasts!

Pictured below, are two more finds from the vintage antique country sale. I've been looking for an orchard ladder for awhile now. In fact, I had already sold a couple of my old standard ladders so that I'd have room, if and when I found an orchard ladder.

The prices were so great, I decided to scoop up both of these ladders! I plan to use at least one of them for storing and displaying blankets in our family room.

I'm so glad you dropped by today. 

I hope this first day of autumn is a beautiful one for you!


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  1. I love this glimpse on life on your little farmstead...beautiful.

  2. Julie,

    Those ladders made me smile! Such a wonderful glimpse of life on the farm!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I have a ladder tucked behind a cabinet peeking through just enough to hang linens off the rungs.
    As for the eggs how wonderful to have such a natural look to all it farmhouse colour. My friend purchased some of Martha Stewart's gourmet Chickens that lay the sweetest blue eggs, these eggs are smaller then the average egg and is not suggested for scrambling, or frying rather for baking only, she says that the rightness in the blue eggs make for great baking in pastries, cake, cookies, brownies and such.

    I wonder if your blue eggs rich in flavor are also meant for backing eggs?

    Well again here on the farm it was a delightful visit.... Love the burlap flower wreath you had been talking about, and can't wait to see the ladder in place.


  4. Thanks for the glimpse of your life today.

  5. Your chicken eggs are so pretty! I bet it's fun to see what they've laid each morning. Love your old wooden scoop! I also love the orchard ladders you found. So neat!

  6. What a great find! Love the wooden scoop. Your farm is beautiful and love all the little touches outside...the wreath, the chippy chair with it all! You have great style!

  7. Love the post Julie! Your chickens are laying beautiful eggs! Isn't it so fun gathering the eggs !love the ladders!

  8. Love your eggs! I totally picked my chickens based on egg color. Makes me so happy to see them on my counter each day. And the taste of farm fresh eggs gathered right outside your own back door...hard to beat! :)

  9. Congratulations on the home grown pumpkins! The different colored eggs are stunning!!!


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