Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Our Christmas Entryway...

How is December treating you so far? Good, I hope!

The other day, I noticed my warm, plaid scarf in the closet. I haven't worn it much. When you're 5'3", you need to pay attention to "scale" when it comes to things like scarves. I fell in love with the plaid but when I put it on, it was a bit... overwhelming.

I think the scarf looks much better on our entry way dresser.

A couple of years ago, my Mom gave my sister and me each a set of these beautiful wood angel wings for Christmas. This year, I hung them from an old door with burlap ribbon...

Tomorrow, I'm heading to see "The Sound of Music" musical with our oldest son's class. When you're the mom of three boys, opportunities to see musicals - much less "The Sound of Music" - don't come up often. So, I jumped on it!

I'll be blessing those around me by singing, "The hills are alive..." for weeks to come, I'm sure (if only I could carry a tune). 

Maybe I'll drop some subtle hints for Christmas gift ideas by changing the words to "A Few of my Favorite Things..." It might go something like this (must be sung in tune of the song):

"Grain sack on pillows and baby doll sheep,
Children who listen, going to bed without a peep.

White ironstone anything and warm, soft throw blankets,
hand-drawn pictures and flowers in vases..."

Nah. They'd just tune me out. ;)

I'll leave you with Doe, a deer. A female deer... (Sorry, I had to.)

Hope you have a wonderful December day!



  1. Now you've got me singing my favorite things, I just love the sound of music! Your entryway is so pretty, good idea to use a scarf to decorate with it! Those angel wings are pretty and I think I've told you before but I just love the natural wood finish on your mora clock!

    1. Thanks so much Angelina! Great song - but it doesn't go away easily... :)

  2. I love your entryway!!


  3. I love how you have decorated! You have such a beautiful home! How do you keep it so spotless with three boys? I have two girls 6 and 8 and I feel like I am always picking up after them. And I was singing along while reading!

    1. Oh Kerri... I think you have inspired me to post on this very subject soon. Our house is almost never clean all at once. It is very lived in. You'll notice I show pictures of one space at a time. :) If there is ever a home tour, rest assured those pictures are taken on different days. Raising up our children is an all-consuming, messy, wonderful job. :) I am with you! Stop by unannounced and you will see... :) "Lived in" pictures coming soon. Xo

  4. I am blessed being a mother of 2 sons(although they are now "18" & "21"). I remember those days. One day the all-consuming, messy, wonderful job of raising them up will be a distant memory. I love how you embrace your life. I love your blog & your decorating.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Love the plaid scarf on that favorite chest of mine in your entryway! The whole vignette is full of wonderful vintage goodness. Beautiful angel wings! Hoping you get some of your "favorite things" for Christmas! :-))
    Mary Alice

  7. OMG! We must be on the same wave length right now. I just worked on my blog post for tomorrow and titled it "Pretty packages tied up with string"! Ha Ha! That's so funny. I can just hear you singing those words to that tune. I love the scarf being used as a table runner. That's a great idea! I love those angel wings too. What a great time of year to use them. I bet they could be used year round though.

  8. Beautiful angel wings and beautiful entry way.


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