Thursday, January 21, 2016

Growing Up On a Mini-Farm...

It was a dream of ours to raise our boys on a little piece of property, where they had room to explore and run free.

When we moved to our little farmstead with a flat 2+ acres with a barn and chicken coop, two years ago, our boys were 10, 7 and 4. 

We imagined what life would be like, and here's what we've found:

There are chickens to take care of... 

And when they get out of their chicken yard, you have to take your job seriously...

It's not always fun and games, especially when a friend comes for a visit!

The excitement of the first eggs...

And cute chicks each spring...

Space to explore...

And a garden to plant.

The joy of the first pumpkin!

And first ear of corn.

(If they grow vegetables, will they eat more of them??)

This time of year, it's nice to remember our summer garden...

Having friends come to play...

And berry picking with brothers...

There's room to play games...

And fun times on our homemade baseball field...

Sometimes you'll find them in the trees.

And life with animals is a little more sweet...

Though right now, skies are rainy and days are cold... and video games and TV seem to take their hold. I'm grateful for the balance of simpler things. 

Thank you for sharing in these little country joys of childhood.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. What a wonderful life you are providing for your children.

  2. So sweet and they will always have such great memories of their childhood. We are on three acres, but half is wooded and not used.

    1. That is a great size yard Kim! Yes, when we were looking for our house, we noticed a big difference in how the properties felt based on the positioning of the house, the terrain and if they were wooded or not.

  3. Thank you for sharing the delightful pictures and more importantly, some of the essence of your homestead. Blessings.

    1. And thank you for reading along and taking the time to comment! I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  4. Good memories! I grew up on 600 acres and loved it!

    1. Wow! 600 acres - - there's nothing mini about that! So happy you look back fondly on your childhood... that's a gift!

  5. I enjoyed your tour. We are looking for a small farm too. Can't wait to find the perfect one.

    1. I can't wait for you either! :) Enjoy the searching and dreaming. Hope you'll write back when you find the one!

  6. Love this!

    We raised our son in the country on 5 acres on a lake - no animals except dogs, a cat & a few rabbits over the yrs though. He'll be 23 in just a few weeks & now we're looking forward to having grandchildren come play in the same woods someday. We were outside every day & still are, cold, wet, snowy winter days can be just as much fun as the hot summer days - there is always something to explore outside.

  7. I'm sure your boys will look back on their childhood one day with very fond memories. Every boy I know would love to live where there is a lot of land to run around and animals to play with. They're also learning about what it takes to grow food and take care of farm animals.

  8. Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse of your little piece of heaven.

  9. Ooooooh Julie!!! What a charmed life for you and your family!!! In my next life I want to come back as one of your boys!! Ha!!Your farm is sooooo beautiful!!! Love all your trees!!! Your chickens are darling!!! Love all your pictures!!! My favorite pic is the shot of the boys feet!!! Soooooo country!!

  10. such a love and fun filled life!

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