Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Farmhouse Style: My Vintage Porch Home Tour

You guys. Y'all. We are in for a treat today.

I asked Natalie, of My Vintage Porch, if she would share some of her story with us, along with her beautiful home. 

When I first discovered Natalie's Instagram feed, I kept looking at her pictures trying to figure out what was so unique about her farmhouse cottage style. 

She's got a gift for sure.

I think part of what makes her home so special is her use of whites and neutrals with pops of black, grey, and all shades of wood, including dark woods.

Her furniture and decor are full of character, and give the feeling of a home that has been lovingly assembled over time.

And now, I hope you'll enjoy learning more about Natalie, her family and their home, in her own words...

"We moved to Tucson 8 years ago to get away from the cold, brutal Indiana winters. I guess I would have to say my favorite thing about Tucson is the warm all-year-round weather. I also love the beautiful mountains and the ability to be able to go hiking and take advantage of so many outdoor activities all year. 

I love our home but I also miss the old farmhouses that Indiana had to offer. I grew up on a pig farm in Indiana. We lived in an old farmhouse that used to be a post office with gorgeous wood floors and an old wood staircase. 

I do love my home, but am not too fond of the limited character in builder grade homes. Although, I truly believe that what makes a home is the people that live in it. 

I love my family and my pup Chester of course. I have a sweet husband, Travis, and three kids, Hallie, Kaden, and Brylie. They are my joy every day and I feel blessed that God has given me the opportunity to be their mom. 

We have lived in this home for 7 years and what I liked most about it when we first bought it was the size. It's huge and all of my kids bedrooms are on a different floor than ours so the quiet times are nice. Now that I live in it, it's super hard to keep clean, lol, but I do still love it. 

The thing I liked least about our home when we bought it was the pool. You know the scared mom wanting her little ones not to be near any water where they could have an accidental fall in. Well, the pool has brought us so much fun and memories and now I would have to say that it's one of my favorite things about our home. I wouldn't want another home in Tucson without a pool. 

I love blogging and sharing budget friendly DIY home decor and renovation ideas. I have not always had the money to do extra projects - and still don't. So, it's always nice to have ideas on the cheap if you know what I mean. 

I'm a thrift shopper and love the thrill of the hunt for a good bargain. I also love the unique items that you can find in a thrift store, opposite of the big box stores where everything is the same. Don't get me wrong, I love those stores too but thrift stores and antique stores or even junk yards are my first love when it comes to home decor shopping. 

My house is pretty much made up of my thrifting items that I paint or upcycle/refurbish to make more my style. 

 I love the farmhouse/cottage style and even though I don't live on a farm right now, it allows me to have reminders of all of the farmhouse charm that our home had growing up.

I do have an etsy shop called My Vintage Porch where I used to sell wood shelves and currently sell some signs but my shop will soon change inventory into something a little different in the near future. I love working with design clients the most.

I don't have a design degree but it's always been my passion and God has blessed me through word of mouth with some amazing clients. I actually have my associates in Physical Therapy but have taken a break from it to allow more time for my decor/design passion.

I have a Facebook Page and am on Pinterest. I am also on Instagram (which I admit is my favorite).

I always loved our old porches and seeing all of the old porches around while growing up, which is where my blog name came from. Maybe some day I will be able to have another one of those large old wood porches."

Thank you so much Natalie! I think we are all about to run out to our local thrift stores. Here's to hoping our finds turn out like yours! ;) 

And while old wood porches are awesome, what you have there in Tucson is pretty amazing...

To see more of Natalie's home and design work, be sure to visit her blog, My Vintage Porch. You can also join her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love your decor style... Vintage and pretty ♥


    1. Thank you for your kind words Summer! I agree with You about Natalie's style! Have a great week...

  2. Dreamy, cozy and beautiful. Thanks for these wonderful tours. I am meeting some great new bloggers to follow. Have a great week Julie.

  3. What a beautiful home! So glad she shared with us. :)

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