Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Our Farmhouse Fall Porch (and something I've daydreamed of for years...)

I thought it would be fun to use a variety of farm-style containers on our porch this fall. Galvanized buckets, wood bushel baskets, and a vintage Lucerne dairy crate hold mums, cabbages, and rosemary. (Why rosemary? I love both the scent and the organic look.) 

Pumpkins in sun-faded shades of green, orange and white seem at home on our well-used steps.

The weather here in the Seattle area has been amazing! When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you really do cherish the sunshine. And this summer and fall have been sun-drenched! The mornings and evenings have just started getting crisp...

But I still can't believe it's October. I'm not exactly sure why it's taken me by surprise so much this year... It could be that time seems to be flying because of the extra full days with all three of our boys in soccer (one in basketball also), school activities and my new shop space. Is this a busy season for you too?

October is a special month for us - we celebrate 17 years of marriage this weekend. (Yes, I was 15 when we got married. Kidding, and I'm sure you thought I was serious.) Our oldest son and my dad have birthdays this month. And let's not forget Halloween. Our youngest son already has his costume, so we can breathe a sigh of relief about that (costumes are kind of a big deal when you're eight).

Okay, so here is what I've daydreamed of for years... An antique daybed on the porch! A sweet lady was clearing out some space in her house and gifted it to us. I just about fell over! It even has a trundle. So while we don't technically have a guest room, we do have a bed - and dresser - on the porch. ;)

I've had this ticking duvet tucked away for years. I just always felt I'd use it someday. I turned it inside out for more of a muted color, and I love the slightly unfinished, rustic look of the raw edges.

I hope you are enjoying the fall. Thank you so much for stopping by today. It means so much to me!

I'll leave you with one more look at the daybed... We're currently accepting reservations. :)

Happy fall from our front porch to yours.


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  1. That vintage bed and ticking speaks to my heart and makes me smile. That is simply awesome and a great fine. Your porch is perfect and I love your style of decorating.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Connie! You brightened my morning. :) Hope your week is going well!

  2. Beautiful fall porch !!! and WOWOWOW... on the gifted antique daybed!!! love it

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  4. What a pretty front porch! Very inviting!

  5. your front porch looks amazing! and that day bed is the perfect compliment & finishing touch. turning the bedding inside out is the greatest detail. yes, costumes are a big deal and i miss those days now that my kiddos are teenagers. enjoy the season. xo- maryjo

    1. All I have to say is FABULOUS, and thank you for sharing.

  6. Your Fall decor is absolutely lovely! I just found your blog and am so happy I did. I love your farmhouse decor. We live in Paris and are fixing up a small townhouse in Burgundy, so excited to browse your ideas and incorporate them into our renovation. XO

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