Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Our {Almost} Spring Farmhouse Porch

We spent most of the weekend in basketball gyms. Our 8th grader's team had and amazing championship win - it was SO exciting (think David vs. Goliath - or at least 4A vs.1A)! Many of these boys have been playing together since Kindergarten, so it was a special way to end their last regular season before high school. High School?! I can't even...

Speaking of basketball - or balls in general - they often end up on our porch. And they seem to multiply like rabbits. I cleaned up our porch last week, and I always forget how nice it feels.

We're ready for you, spring. You can come now.

Do you remember this chippy antique water bucket I found for our shop space last year? 
(Ya, it didn't quite make it to the shop. ;)

And because it's still a little early for some of my favorite plants and flowers to do well outside,  I used a mix of hardy plants, cut flowers, and even some faux plants (shhhh) on the porch.

When we first brought home this antique bench it was bright green. It now blends in a lot better and is the star of the porch with a fresh coat of white paint...

Are you getting ready for spring, or still covered in snow?

We're one day closer...

Thank you for visiting today,



  1. I love that you have that big farmhouse porch. Just so beautiful. Love the Spring on the porch. Very pretty.

    1. Hi Kris! Thank you so much. Yes, it's really nice having a porch - we didn't really have much of one at our last house. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful porch. I love it.


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