Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lavender Season!

It's that time of year! The bees are busy... And you'll find me gazing at the lavender in the yard wondering how long I can keep it growing - because it's beautiful and I love the scent - or if I need to harvest it for drying.   

We don't have fields of lavender here (yet ;) but we do have many lavender plants. I dry lavender from our little farmstead to use in our home, and also to sell bundles (above) at our shop space inside of M&M Antiques in Monroe, Washington.

Lavender can add a touch of nature indoors and does not require any care, as a plant would, once dried. A nice option for the summer, when travel can make watering plants difficult. I know there are different ways to dry lavender. I simply tie bundles with twine and hang them upside down in a dark closet for a few weeks.

The glass bottles are from IKEA and the French linens are from our recent trip to Alice's in Notting Hill, England.

Do you enjoy lavender? Have you ever tried lavender ice cream or lavender lemonade? 
(I'm a fan of both, but just in small doses.)

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope you have a wonderful day,



  1. I love dried lavender. I also love lavender in my soaps and bed linen spray. So soothing and nice.
    I have never tried it in food like ice cream or lemonade but it sounds like it could be good.
    Have a great new week.

    1. oooh lavender bed linen spray! I'll have to try that! Thanks for stopping by Kris - always nice to hear from you!


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