Wednesday, April 17, 2019

2019 Farmhouse Decor Roundup {Part 2}

Hi Friends! I hope your week is going well. Are you getting ready for Easter? We're looking forward to a family vacation later this week, and as always there's loads to do to get ready to leave. At last count we're up to 25 animals... and with that comes a lot of little instructions for when we're away. And then there's the packing... But I'm not complaining that we're heading to a sunny and warm destination! :) It's always worth the prep.

Today I'm rounding up more of the top posts from this year so far (in case you missed them). 

If you missed Part 1 you can find it here!

Vintage European Farmhouse Finds

Thanks so much for visiting today! I hope you found something here that was interesting to you. 

Have a very blessed Easter!



  1. Hello! I’ve always wondered why your barn is only partially painted? Just curious! ☺️

    1. Good question! Our barn is fully painted (gray). The outbuilding you're referring to is the chicken coop. When we moved in it was like that, and I headed out with a can of paint. My husband stopped me and said he thought that was exactly the kind of rustic look he thought I liked. :) So I decided to wait and it's grown on me. Someday I may paint it but for now we'll chalk it up to rustic "charm."

  2. This will give an extra level of comfort to it and will preserve it for years peterbilt


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