Friday, May 16, 2014

The Show Must Go On!

So tomorrow, many lovely ladies and some of their daughters will arrive at our home to celebrate a sweet baby girl on the way

Holla back if you've prepared to host a gathering with a little one (or ones) at home?! Then you'll remember the rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, mind racing (how am I going to get this place presentable in time? : ). 

Though guests will soon be arriving for a baby shower, my family still deserves to eat and have clean clothes to wear. Add to that the end-of-school season is busier this year than ever (or so it seems!) for our two other boys.

As I wiped down the kitchen counters this morning, my 4 1/2 year old calls to me that I'd better hurry if I was going to get a seat for the show. That's when I see this:

and this...

Just breathe...

Sleep is overrated... 

(It's a good thing he's so cute!)

Oh you guys, it was the best country ballad I've heard (with MANY verses). There were cowboys and Indians, several shootouts and even a sad story of the buffalo being made into pillows.

Maybe my house is now a little less "show-worthy" - - but the show was so worth it! (Let's be honest, if you saw the current state of my bathrooms, you'd realize stuffed animals were the least of my worries!)

Why am I writing? Gotta RUN… ; )


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