Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Sister's (SURPRISE!] Birthday Lunch...

My sister's and my dear life-long friend, Amy, and her youngest  daughter were visiting from California this past week. Amy feels more like our sister than friend...

(Me, Amy, Amy's brother Clark and My sister Jodi, circa 1979)

My sister, Amy and their kiddos were coming over for lunch yesterday … it was the perfect time to surprise Jodi with a birthday lunch! 
(We also celebrated my niece and Amy's daughter's birthday!)

Our mom and a few close friends joined us for lunch, laughter and good 'ole "chick chat" (such a treat to linger for hours with these treasured ladies!).

My niece, Julia, and Amy's daughter, Kate, were both turning eight!

The kids ate pizza and cake on the back porch...

The little birthday girls and two of my boys

There were also five bigger boys who tore it up playing soccer before all the kids had an unending game of indoor/outdoor hide 'n seek (It's changed a bit since we were kids - - they'd occasionally text a picture of something from where they were hiding as a clue! Unbeknownst to us, Jodi's blue-painted toe-nails were texted from someone hiding under the table. Ha!).

In case you missed it, my favorite salmon recipe is here!

I made small tiered faux cakes and cake stands for favors. I'll post a DIY on the cakes soon… they are fun to make!

The edible cake was a lot less work! It was a Costco chocolate cake that I served with homemade raspberry sauce. I printed the little "Happy Birthday" banner on card stock and dipped it in coffee (for an aged look - because I care about these things people, that's why! ; ).

Jodi was given these beautiful flowers in creative containers! 

Hope your week is going well! Thanks for stopping by… 
Wish we could've all partied together!


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