Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Harvest + Farmer Smiles + Thinking Back

It was a warm, sunny summer's day… 
the kind we've learned not to take for granted in Seattle! 

Here's a picture of our garden gate - - decked out in all of its summer glory! 

When I noticed that some of our vegetables were ready, I called to the boys to come help pick (It felt like a right of passage - our first harvest at our little farmstead! See the planting of our first garden here). 

Our oldest waved a big bunch of carrots for his Dad (who was on the ride-on) to see. And when our youngest walked by with his harvest, I said, "YOU are a real farmer!" And that smile he shot back at me… oh you guys. They were so proud! :)

And here it is - - our first humble harvest: 
(I love how there are a whoppin' 12 snow peas :)

Though there will be more to come - I will spare you from posting each and every veggie we pick! But to us, this produce represents a little bit of our dream come true. 

Our dreams, like a garden, often take a lot of work and patience… 
and a whole lot of faith. 

I was thinking back on how it's been almost a year since we first walked through what is now our little farmstead. Aaron and I came alone, not wanting the boys to get their hopes up.

We were taken with the land - lots of room for our three boys to roam! We loved the house itself. We cautiously let ourselves dream. We prayed (a lot).

Then we got to work. We prepped the house we were living in for the market. I cleaned for open houses and showings over the course of three months. Never knowing if our house would sell in time… 

It did!

I packed up the house and signed papers while Aaron was out of the country on business the two weeks leading up to the move. He got home the night before the moving truck showed up, jet-lagged but running on adrenaline.

We moved the next day, with help from our family. 
We were exhausted… but we were home

You can read more about our dream and move here!

What are you dreaming of these days? 

I'll have faith with you, friend…

Have a blessed Sunday!


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