Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Goodbye To Sweet Summer and Why I Love The Fair...

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We spent a full eight hours having fun at the fair (& rodeo) and saying goodbye to summer…

The fair has had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl. It was always a highlight for me to go to the fair with my family. I remember seeing all the animals and walking through the arts and crafts buildings.  

I remember the year my sister got sick and couldn't go to the fair (I was probably six). My Dad took me and as we were leaving he felt bad my sister didn't get to go so he bought her a shell animal (literally, an animal - rabbit-like(?), made out of shells). I quietly cried because I wanted one too. Dad noticed, we turned back and he bought me one also. Thanks again, Dad. I still have that shell animal today (not really! but wouldn't that make an even better story?).

Then there was the year I won a school contest for drawing a picture of what I loved best about summer. I drew a picture of the fair, complete with ferris wheel and everything. It was featured in the Contra Costa County Times. I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. 

Goodness, I was proud!

That would be the end of my (very short) winning streak at the fair. I showed my rabbit at the fair one year. On ribbon day, I ran to his cage to see what I won. There was no ribbon, only a note that explained that Boppers was disqualified because he was overweight. I told him something to do with he was still a champion in my eyes.

Then there was the year I showed my horse. She was a beauty. She was spirited. She was stubborn... as a MULE. When the judge told us to run our horses, mine came to a complete stop. Nothing I did could get her to budge. When the judge said to reverse our horses, mine finally decided to run…the wrong way. My poor parents, watching on, were probably muttering something like, "Who is that girl on the white horse?!" To make matters a little better, I vaguely remember winning a ribbon for showmanship (this is when I lead my horse and sort of "set her up" for the judges to see). I know I didn't win first… it may have been fourth. But I was ranked and grateful for it. 
Viva la show pony - or not.

And now Aaron and I have the joy of seeing the fair through our boys' eyes.

This year they tried an elephant ear. 

It was good. But doughnut ice cream sundae, you have my heart - forever. We had those later, okay we had THREE of those later!

We made our way through the little kid rides and then onto the big kid rides...

As we left the fair, we yelled out the window, "Goodbye fair! Goodbye summer!" 

That night, as I tucked Lincoln (5) into bed, I told him a story of a little blonde-hair, blue-eyed boy (him of course). He liked the story so much he actually clapped at the end (this had less to do with my story telling abilities and more to do with the fact I included Dusty, the pony he rode at the fair, in the story). When I was done, he wanted to tell ME a story. So he began, "Once there was a little girl named…" PAUSE… PAUSE… "Wait, what's your name?" "Julie," I said. "Yes, there was a little girl named Julie…"

And that was my prize. 

My best name is and will always be "Mom." 

I wish the little fair loser girl would have known she was going to win BIG someday… (But I think she always believed she would!)

Have you said goodbye to summer? Is it hard to let go or are you ready for the coziness of autumn?

Thank you for reading.

I always love to hear from you!



  1. It sounds like a great day that bought back lots of lovely memories for you!! xx

    1. Hi Amy ~ Thanks for stopping by! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. Oh, the fair! I miss the Evergreen State Fair, and those boys...I miss them too!


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