Monday, August 4, 2014

Room to Roam...

One of the primary reasons we wanted to move here was so that our three sons would have some wide open spaces to run free.

So beyond the garden and animals, the boys have come up with many ways to transform our mini farm into a rustic "sports complex." 

Exhibits Below…

The front yard + sprinkler = The Aquatic Center

The barn + a hoop = The Basketball Court

The riding arena + some bases = The Baseball Field

The backyard + a net = The Volleyball Court

The front yard + a football = The Football Field

The pasture + a craft box lid = The Golf Course

Note: While I am over-the-moon proud of our little men, I wanted to add that I let them pick out their clothes most summer days. And the white "knickers" above are football pants - just in case you were wondering! ;-)

Recently my husband and I were comparing notes on our growing up years… he spent many years in one of the world's largest cities. At the end of his block was a 6-story building. He liked that there was always something going on. He looks back happily on those adventurous years.

I, on the other-hand, grew up in the suburbs of northern California (Walnut Creek anyone?!). I loved "patrolling" the neighborhood with my sister and the neighborhood kids. I wouldn't change those days for anything!

And now, our boys are experiencing a little country living. I cherish these days and hope someday our boys will look back on these days fondly...

What are your best memories as a child? Were they influenced much by where you lived? What would you choose for your children - the city, the suburbs or the country? 


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