Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Mason Jar ~ A Bake Shop & Bistro ~

If you ever find yourself in Eastern Washington, (Cheney to be exact), you'll want to stop by The Mason Jar for coffee and a bite to eat!

Not only is the food delicious (it is!), how cute is this place?!

Lots of mason jar lighting!

You may want to try their granola and yogurt - - or take some home with you! 
They sell their hearty homemade granola in - you guessed it - mason jars.

Love the pale blue walls and chairs against the dark wood and gold accents!

Do not, I repeat, do not leave without trying one of their cinnamon rolls! They're the best part of flaky biscuit meets cinnamon and homemade icing.

This is a family-run business who buys their ingredients from local farms and takes pride in their local suppliers 

And their lovely Eggs en Cocotte...

Doesn't this picture make you want to make a blueberry crumb cake… or at least eat one?!

Wish we could catch up over a cup of coffee or tea at The Mason Jar!

Until then…


  1. This looks like a wonderful place to grab a tasty treat! The homemade granola looks like the kind that I bought from a lady last night. I look forward to reading more of you blog! I am here via Brenda at Cozy LIttle House.


    1. Hi Becky - I had a few moments to check out Sweet Cottage Dreams… beautiful sentiments and photos! Thank you for stopping in!


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