Friday, January 30, 2015

A Chicken Miracle!

"Mom! I think something's in the coop! I hear a lot of noise!" 

It was the battle cry young boys live to hear. I dashed for my shoes as my three sons grabbed all manner of weapons (foam swords, shields, air soft guns and the like).

We raced to the chicken coop...

We were so sad to see only the feathers of our dear hen, Charlotte. 
She had been at the top of the pecking order (not counting the rooster). 
We always said she was a fighter, a survivor.

And then, I broke the cardinal rule of {mini} farming. 
I cried. In front of my kids. About a chicken.

In my defense, I was sick with a fever. But still. I was disappointed we had lost yet another chicken. We had plans to make the area more predator-proof this spring. 

With my own eyes, I've seen a bobcat and coyote on our property this first year at our little farmstead. We also hear owls. So, we have an idea of what's around. There was a time when all this wildlife would have really scared me. But this is home and we love it. We feel safe and we are learning.

Feeling defeated, my little homesteaders and I headed back inside.

Later that night, my husband called me to the front door. 

The sweetest surprise awaited!


Turns out she is a fighter and a survivor. She'd found her way home - and 
to the front door no less! We've never been so happy to see a chicken. :)

And that was our little chicken miracle.

Thank you for stopping by today. I'm wishing you a faith-filled, 
miraculous day for both the little and big things in your life...


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  1. Dear Julie,
    I´m so happy to have found your blog....the little of what I have seen so far is beautiful.I will read all of your blogposts.I´m very happy that Charlotte is back home.I´m going to put you on my blogroll.Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi Caroline ~ Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I'm so glad you're here! :)

  2. Oh I love this...glad she was okay! We live in a suburban area, but still have coyotes running through our well as owls and hawks in the trees. I have to stand guard over our pugs in a dog run area outside...scary.

  3. I am sooo happy that Charlotte survived 'whatever' was after her--
    I have read way too many chicken loss's on these farm sites--
    so happy day to you--
    Smiles, diandmissgracie

  4. Yay!!! That is funny that she came struttin' in the front door!

  5. What a great story!!! Is Charlotte going to live in your house from now on to get away from other critters? Do you think a fox or coyote carried her off in their mouth but she was not mortally injured and got away? Is that cute building with the bench and curtains Charlotte's coop? Very cute little building. I saw your post over at French Country cottage blog party.

    1. Yes, I think something carried her away but she got free! Yes, that building is the coop :) Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  6. I understand your emotional attachment to Charlotte very well. I have shed tears this week due to the loss of one of my dogs that had to be put to sleep. It amazes me how much love we are able to have for a chicken, dog or any other pet. Thankfully your Charlotte survived and looks happy to be strutting on your porch. May this be her last close encounter with whatever was out there to get her!

    1. Oh Erin - I'm so sorry about your dog. It sounds like you gave him a very loving home. I'm sure there's an empty space where he used to be - we get so used to them being there. They are comfort and companionship. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed weekend. xo

  7. Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad Charlotte is back. I was about to cry myself.

  8. I love a happy ending! Hurray for Charlotte! Electric fence works wonders.....nose height. Good luck! xo Karen

  9. It´s a lovely story with a happy ending. I'm so glad to see Charlotte is safe at home. I need to be a little bit more fighter like her!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are stronger than you think!! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in!

  10. Julie,
    We managed to keep a pair of African geese for several years. We too have bobcats, and the rest you mentioned. The way we kept our geese is we put them up every night. Can you get your chickens to go into the coop at night? It is not hard to do. After you "herd" them for a little while, they will get used to it and go right in for you. Your coop must be totally "hole" free or other things will get in like racoons and smaller animals that eat chickens. You were lucky this time, but that same animal will be back now that it knows what it can get. I have cried many tears on our little farm for the loss of ducks, geese, goats, peacocks etc. Do not feel bad for crying in front of your boys, this teaches them that it is okay to love and care for animals. They will be better men and learn compassion.

  11. Go Charlotte! You show those varmints that you may be chicken, but you're not scared :)

  12. Oh Julie, I was feeling it, feeling your grief over a chicken as you say, then to read and hear your words written it was joyful to see your sweet Charlotte knocking at your door, home indeed she is :)

    This was a bit of a tear jerker then ended in tears for joy for you.
    By the way, I am loving your little homestead coop.
    My friend here put up a wire coop with tall post and inside it wire surround she used a top of a China hutch for her nesting house, a chicken run up through and opening to their laying boxes and all she needed to do is open a hutch door to retrieve the gifting's they would lay for her.

    She had purchased Martha Stewart chicken mailed right to her home, she had purchased a chicken that lays the sweetest tiny blue grey eggs bread just for backing, they were rich and amazing to bake fine pasterys with, and so sad to see her crack them open.... You see we were even sad to see these beautiful delicate eggs cracked and added to baked goods.

    Love your chicks name,


  13. Awww! I am so happy she is okay! She's a beautiful hen. I would cry too. Chickens really are cool pets. My girls will jump up on my knee if I kneel down for them. I can talk to them and they talk back in their chirpy sweet sound, not the usual kid backtalk. :) Once you own chickens, I do believe you turn into a crazy chicken lady.

  14. Wow, you had me in tears as well! I love animals, all sorts. That is why my family and I chose to become vegan. We love them, so we chose not to eat them!

    I just love happy endings!


  15. Sweet story. We have a sweet hen named Chloe and she is always coming up to our door looking for us. Unfortunately, she is on the lower rung of the chicken ladder. But, we love her dearly.

  16. Just came here from Brenda's blog....loved this story!! We understand how you feel about the loss of even a chicken!! We used to raise them from April to August in our back yard in a town even, so our girls could do the 4-H thing at the fair, etc. They would be sold at the fair, or given to friends with farms afterwards. It was a very fun experience and yes, they are smarter than one might think!

  17. What a feel good story. I'm so glad she made in back home. It is a chicken miracle.

  18. Oh this is the sweetest story! I'm so glad that Charlotte survived and found her way back home. She is so cute. I've never had chickens before but I'm sure I would get attached and cry if something happened to them too.

  19. Contrary to popular belief, there IS crying in farming. If they have names it's okay to be sad when you think they are lost. I love chickens and have lost a few through the years, but I'm so glad your sweet girl made it home!!

  20. So glad that your sweet chicken was safe from harm. Crying is a good thing to do in front of your children, especially boys it shows your compassionate side and the love you have for Heavenly Fathers creatures. Good job Mom! I love your darling blog, I will be following this one for sure. XX Jo

  21. Welcome back Charlotte!
    I enjoyed reading your very sweet blog today.

  22. So glad that Charlotte made it back home!!
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  23. I'm a first time visitor and new follower. This story made my heart smile seeing the chicken. I'm happy for your family. My sister recently lost two of her cats to coyotes. Yuck. I'm visiting from Amaze Me Monday. Love your centrepiece by the way!! Blessings, Diane

  24. So glad she is okay. I wish I could get chickens, but hubby says no. He grew up with them.

  25. I know that it's been just a little while since you posted this, but I found it so endearing! We used to keep chickens, but slowly over time lost them all to predators. We were attached to ours too. Maybe we will do it again sometime. I'm so glad you still have your little Charlotte!


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