Monday, February 2, 2015

For the Love of Salvaged! {Vintage Mattress Spring Decorating}

It's the day after the Super Bowl. In Seattle.

I can't talk about it beyond saying two things:
1. We still love our Hawks.
2. And we'll be back.

Back to home decorating...

If you've been here before, you may remember our $20 vintage mattress spring. It provides a rustic architectural detail to the wall and is a great place to add seasonal touches.

Here it is with a simple burlap Valentines banner...

At Christmas, I tied on a "Noel" marquee sign...

And for most of the year, it looks like this...

I love it when people clip photos and cards to a mattress spring and use it for a memo board. (Since ours is high on the wall, this wouldn't work as well here.)

Do you use any salvaged pieces in your home? Or are you on the hunt for any? 

I keep hoping I'll stumble upon an old - preferably abandoned and free - windmill. Ha! There's always hope...even when there's no budget, there's hope.

I'd love to hear about your favorite salvaged pieces!


  1. I've valways thought it would be neat to have a really old metal gate, that would do the same thing you're using the springs for. I'd clip stuff to it.

    1. That would be especially perfect with your love of gardening! And the good news is that yard sale season is almost upon us :) Keep me posted if you find one...

  2. Your vintage mattress spring is such a fun piece to add interest and a place to add seasonal decor. I love using pieces like that in my home.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thank you Mary Alice! I know you do - - and you do it so well! You would be fun to shop with - though I'd have to race you - you've got a great eye for special pieces.

  3. Great ideas for using an old mattress spring. I especially love the burlap sign. Awesome repurposing job!

  4. I love your mattress spring and all the sweet ideas you have for the seasons with it! Love your blue and clear canning jars, too <3. I have some old wire store display racks that I use for storing my art supplies. I'd love to find a little spring like yours. So pretty!

  5. its all so cute!!!! you always have such creative ideas to share...lunch soon?

  6. So cute! And I'm a Colts fan...I'm still bitter the Patriots were even there! ;)

  7. I love your idea for using an old mattress spring such a great way to display things.
    Have a great week.

  8. This looks like a cot spring and it is so perfect graphically. I think it is much more interesting than a regular bed spring.

  9. that is an interesting form of artwork for sure! I like how you're using it as a backdrop for other things. I love using salvaged materials in a home. I did a post not too long ago on using some things salvaged such as some porch posts and an old garden gate. I think it keeps the home looking more interesting by incorporating things like that. I still think my favorite in your home is the chicken nesting box (or whatever it's called) in your family room. Hope you find that old windmill soon. That would fit perfectly in your home!

  10. I like to see springs as wall art and love how you change out the decorations on it.

    My husband is an artist with his studio in our home so the entire house is his art gallery. I love the beautiful art I am surrounded by, but I would love to have some salvaged pieces on the wall too. I have an old shutter I like to hang things form and an old window hanging on our patio that gets changed up frequently.

  11. I hope you find your windmill.

  12. I have a salvaged window on my gallery wall - I absolutely love it filled with old family black & white photos. I also use a lot of salvaged things in my garden.

  13. What a beautiful way to use a vintage mattress spring! I love your style and found you via Wow Us Wednesdays. May you have a wonderful week in your lovely home :)

  14. Yes I love the old spring as well, in my last home I took a cemented two post the width of the spring and cemented the post in the ground then I attached the spring to the two post like a trellis with u brackets and screws and planted climbers at the bottom in no time I had a wonderful rustic trellis perched with a rusty old metal wheel barrel. I have seen some hung in a kitchen like a pot rack over a center island :)
    It's so fun to create with pieces that have so many creative uses.

    Will see what creative thing you share with us next, it's always fun to see the fun and beauty you create here.


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