Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year's Eve Ideas (and DIY Clocks)

Can you believe it's almost 2016?! 

Will you be ringing in the new year at home? If you will, these ideas are for you!

Last year, I made "clocks" out of cookie tins and round craft boxes, which are fun decorations, but also conceal surprises that are to be opened on the hour, every hour through midnight. (Helps add to the excitement of the evening!)

The possibilities for what goes inside the "clocks" are endless...

New Year's Around the World: This idea is fun and educational. ;) Inside each clock, print out a New Year's tradition from a different country. Have someone read the tradition while someone else passes out what's inside of that clock. For example, in China oranges and tangerines represent good fortune. Gold coins are also passed out on New Year's. While in Italy, they wear red underwear for good luck. I've never stocked a clock full of red underwear, but I can imagine it would bring some laughs! 

Did you know that in Johannesburg, South Africa, they say goodbye to the old year by throwing old furniture out the window? Can you imagine how much fun we would have with that?! It would be like a whole city of thrift stores and yard sales...only the inventory is free. Meet you there? I'll bring the truck!

Just for Fun: Clocks can be filled with confetti, poppers, party hats, games, a DVD movie to watch, sweet treats and surprises. 

Conversation Starters: Type out questions for guests that will help facilitate reflection and good memories from the year. As the clock(s) move closer to midnight, include questions on hopes for the new year, encouraging Bible verses, and/or inspirational quotes.

To make the clocks you'll need:

- Six (if your party begins at 7:00 pm) round cookie tins or craft boxes
- Black and white paint
- Foam paint brushes
- Black and white paint pens (optional)
- A ruler or straight edge to line up numbers and clock hands

The instructions are pretty self-explanatory. 

1. Paint your round containers black or white. Remember to paint the lids separately so they won't be sealed to the containers. ;) You'll need to open and close them.

2. Once dry, use a paint pen to draw the numbers and hands on your clock lids. Find sample clock faces online if you wish.

3. Fill your clocks and enjoy!


  1. Julie,
    This is such a cute idea and how fun for a New Year's Eve Party. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Kris! May your new year be full of blessings!

  2. What a cute idea! Yeah, you'd have bloggers stepping all over each other to get to the furniture being thrown out the windows. I would imagine people could get hurt too!

    1. Yes, not the safest day for pedestrians :) but we sure would have fun, wouldn't we?! :)

  3. If I was having a New Years Eve party I would definitely try to do something like that for a decoration. So cute!

  4. Love all your clocks! Think I need to start collecting some! xox

  5. What a great idea! That would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing...Have a wonderful New Year!!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you have a blessed new year as well!

  6. Clever idea! Love it! Hope you and family have a blessed New Years Celebration!!!

  7. VERY clever idea!

    They all look so awesome together, too!

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