Sunday, December 27, 2015

For the Love of a Farm...

One of the joys of blogging has been "meeting" people from all different places, that I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise.

Often readers who take the time to comment or write me an email share a love of farmhouse style and/or country living. I love hearing their stories. Stories like Cindy's. She and her husband left Reno, Nevada for 26 acres of beautiful country outside of Boise, Idaho. They dreamt of building a farmhouse with a large porch, having a barn and a chicken coop and plenty of animals to fill them!

I've enjoyed hearing about all of the projects Cindy and her husband have done to make their dream farm a reality. They're having so much fun, I think they may just keep going! (And with 26 acres, who's to stop them?!)

Cindy has sent me pictures along the way, through the changing seasons...

I remember how excited Cindy was when they brought home the horses she had dreamed of having...Aren't they beautiful?!

They planted a large garden and built a chicken coop that Cindy painted red.

Last spring, they welcomed their very first chicks. And of course, every serious farmer knows that a chick photo shoot is a rite of passage. ;)

And a cute country cupboard...another must.

Garden envy. Look at those rows and so free of weeds! 

Rockers on the big country porch...

And a beautiful mantel in the kitchen!

Back outside are some of the cutest goats I've seen...

And I've heard, the sunsets are breathtaking...

Cindy and her husband have become friends with other farm owners in their area - they taught Cindy how to can - and Cindy and her husband hosted them for a Thanksgiving dinner. Can't you just picture it?

Thank you Cindy for sharing your home with us. Your love of family, life and country living really shines through!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend...


  1. Yes this indeed was a beautiful step up for Condy and her husband, I would take a farmhouse over Nevada anytime.

    What a peaceful place to entertain your heart
    A beautiful posting .

    Happy New year


  2. What a beautiful farm. I love her kitchen mantel and so wish I had a farm house. Thanks for sharing her home.

  3. Her garden makes my teeth chatter. Beautiful.

  4. Oh, I love it when readers share! Maybe she'd like to be a blogger???

  5. Gorgeous!! A dream home for sure. That mantel in the kitchen is beautiful! Thx for sharing. -Bev

  6. This was fun to read about Cindy's farm. Love those goats they are too adorable. I always have wanted a few goats. I hear they are like dogs and love attention. Too cute. Hope you had a great Christmas Julie.
    Happy New Year.

  7. Wow! That's quite a farm they have. Thanks for sharing their story.

  8. What a beautiful farm! Thanks for sharing Cindy's farm. If she blogs I would love to subscribe it!!! And I Love your Blog Julie!!!

  9. Wow, is that a dream place or what? It has every single thing anyone could possibly want. I am in serious fireplace and sunset envy! And, happy for them!


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