Saturday, January 9, 2016

1905 Farmhouse Doors...

Happy weekend!

Between our three boys, we have five basketball games today. Five. 

I'll be cheering, "Go Eagles!" in my dreams tonight.

Before we head off to the gym(s), I thought I'd share what I found this week!

I read an advertisement from someone who is renovating a 1905 farmhouse on the lake. They had me at 1905. And farmhouse. Not to mention lake.

I purchased several (six to be exact) pale blue and antique white, five panel wood doors. They are in great (antique) condition and were a really affordable price!

What makes these doors extra special is that we were able to see the farmhouse they came from. We also saw a picture of the home, with the family who lived there, dating back to the early 1900's...

For those of us who love old junk pieces, isn't that a big part of the appeal? Knowing there is a story to our finds. I can't help but think of the family who walked through these doors, day after day. What was their life like when they lived on this farm? What was the view from the porch when it was the only house on this side of the lake (which is now heavily populated and a short commute to Bellevue and Seattle)? 

The current owner told us that the basement was hand-dug. The farm used to encompass many lakefront acres, and had a barn. Neighbors have shared several old black and white photos of the home and property with the current owners. I love that the locals care to preserve the history of this special farmhouse.

My brain is spinning with ideas for these doors! I just created a new Pinterest folder for "Vintage Door Ideas." You can see it here.

Do you have any favorite decorating or repurposing ideas for old doors? 
I'd love to hear!


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  1. I have total door envy. I have been looking for an old door for ages. I found one in Montecito (home to Oprah and many other celebs) for $850. The aqua patina was perfect, but the price was not!

    1. You'll find the perfect one, I'm sure... even if you have to paint and distress it yourself. Wow, these doors were about 2% of the one you found! ;)

  2. I LOVE old doors! When I lived in a turn of the century house, there were some smallish doors in the garage. One I brought in and decoupaged and stood in a corner. Wish I hadn't given it away!

  3. Yes you got my attention with farmhouse doors!
    I would try to use them on replacing the doors in your home with them if these ones are older and add to the charm of your farmhouse. If not maybe you could build an out building with them, you have plenty to create just that perfect garden tool outhouse, you can google all kinds of styles.

    I will be looking forward to the beauty that these doors are added to. As for the farmhouse you purchased from what history in your words as to who passed through there opening and shutting, and a lake view not far from Bellevue is wonderful... As a young teen I Ice skated at the ice arena in Bellevue, Washington it was my hopeful Olympic Dream, every ice skaters dream I suppose.
    I so love your state, I am richly rewarded with having the young years spent in this state.

    See you soon, and those old doors.

    Happy you with an abundance of doors that match.


    1. Thank you Dore. I always enjoy hearing your memories of Washington state as well as of California - where I grew up. Hope your weekend is going well and thank you for the ideas!

  4. I love old doors too! Our house was built in 1912 and when we just did our remodel I had the original doors put back on the new rooms!

    1. That is so neat! I'm not sure why they didn't re-use these doors. Love old homes - yours is a treasure!

  5. Julie these are awesome old doors. I love your pinterest board of ideas too. I have a thing with old doors too. I made two headboards out of them knobs and all and hubby did crown molding for the top. I know you will find wonderful things to do with the doors.

  6. What charming old doors...luv the colors. Maybe a headboard, kitchen island, pantry door or sofa table.


  7. Wonderful doors. There is just so much you could do. I can't wait to see.

  8. LOVE all the doors and the colors, too! I so remember the days of all the running with kids for will be gone before you know it. xo Diana

  9. What a terrific find!! Could you use them by replacing your present doors with these...or do you already have old doors in your farmhouse? I'm sure you won't lack for ideas to use these.
    Mary Alice

  10. Love the doors and yes, I love the history of old pieces, too!!! All your pins are wonderful!!! My favorite is the door hung sideways over the white sofa with a mirror in it!!! Please share pics of how you use them!!!

  11. They have tons of these at our local Rebuilding Center here in Portland. I coughed when I read the $800 comment. Yikes! So cool that you got one with the doorknob. Have you seen this bench? She just posted it last week.

  12. Oh how I love those doors!!! I am in the process of changing out all of our closet doors with vintage ones, but they are hard to come by and also expensive, so it is very slow going. You definitely scored big time with your doors, especially with the original doorknob!

  13. Oh wow! You stumbled upon a gold mine! I love all of those old doors. I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them.

  14. I am a huge fan of antiques. I'm known to grab anything old I can find, researching the piece and bringing it back to life. It almost gives the items even more value when they have a back story. I think it's so awesome that you were able to see the house that these doors once opened up to! And I, too wonder what that families life as like.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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