Friday, July 8, 2016

Jultober And A Farmhouse Porch...

Here in the Seattle area, they're calling it "Jultober."

Today, like yesterday, feels like pumpkin patch weather.

And I love that... in October!

But the lavender on our property doesn't lie. It's July.

So I've staged my own little summer reminder on the porch,
 so no one forgets what season we're in...

For those of you who are baking in the summer heat, and have offered a temporary exchange of weather... yes! I'm in. I'm doing my best to send you a few seventy degree days with showers for your garden. We're just waiting on your bright sunshine and heat that makes us want to head on over to the lake... :)

I'm sure summer weather will be back...and when it comes, we're ready!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. You make the grey days brighter. ;)

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  1. Beautiful! I love lavender, and this year mine is blooming for the first time! Hopefully it gets warmer there soon, I do love pumpkin patch weather as well, but yeah, in October! ;)

    1. Thank you and enjoy your lavender! It smells so good, doesn't it?!

  2. Your porch decor is very appealing. We lived in the Silverdale area for about 7 years and loved the weather. On hot Texas summer days, Washington weather would be very welcome here.

  3. We lost all of our lavender last winter in Vermont and looking at your beautiful porch reminds me how much I love this amazing flowering herb. I went to Bleu Lavande in Qu├ębec yesterday and had a great time looking at lavender fields and imagine myself in Provence.

  4. Love this Julie! I have a few lavender plants and I really need to harvest it before it goes to seed. Ladder love for sure!!

  5. Hi Julie, my hubby & I love Seattle! We're originally from Vancouver Island and always stay in Seattle for a couple of days when we go home for Christmas. I'll send you over the heat and my hubby would love the 70 degree temps!. I buy my lavender, I'm not sure how it would do here.

  6. I love the look of your beautiful lavender on the rustic ladder steps. Such a lovely welcome on your porch.
    Mary Alice


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