Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sundays at Home #168

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's "Sundays at Home Link Party." We are so glad you have stopped by! Our lavender is in full bloom, the sun is shining, and even our Pacific Northwest grass is looking more like hay (with 2+ acres, keeping green grass during the summer months is not really an option for us... I'm just thankful for this warm summer, which isn't always a guarantee in the Seattle area!).

Today we have some really fabulous features from last week's party to share with you all, but first, here's what your SAH Hosts have been up to this week...
Sundays at Home link party

My Soulful Home a year in flowers book

By the way, all of us here at Sundays at Home are SO PROUD of you, Kelly and your fabulous new book...we wish you all the best and if you haven't previewed it yet, you simply must go by her blog to see it- so beautiful!!

Now on to the features...

I absolutely LOVED this DIY from She Holds Dearly on these cute and easy paper covered books...

Another favorite post was Live, Love, Texas's No Cook Smores Parfait Recipe...what can I say, I'm a sucker for anything smores and these look so easy and delicious!

This post also caught my eye from Interior Frugalista, 12 Helpful Tips on How to Stencil a Wall- I've always wanted to try to stencil a wall and these are some fabulous tips!

Ready to show us what you have been up to? Well, then ~ Link up and lets party!!
A link back is to one of our blogs is appreciated. Link up your own work, no ads, or giveaways. Linking gives us permission to share a credited photo on our social media accounts. Have fun & share!


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