Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Chairs and Greenery in the Dining Room...

Did I tell you that my family gave me the rest of the Restoration Hardware dining room chairs I'd been wanting for Christmas? I love them! (My family, and the chairs.)

You might remember when I scored the first two of them at a thrift shop and was obnoxiously giddy. 

(Affiliate links are provided for similar items shown.)

Like most people this time of year, I've been craving greenery. I think I was going for a dining room meets greenhouse effect. I went with a mix of real and faux plants in our dining room. The old chicken water tower is new... to me. They are a weakness of mine.

As I took these pictures, I spotted three of our chickens free-ranging in the backyard and was reminded of how we dreamed of a little farmstead we could call our own, and how thankful we are to be here. 

Bread boards always provide a nice backdrop and warm up this mostly white room.

And another vintage galvanized bucket in the corner with a bit more greenery. 
Because it's January. And it makes us happy. 

Thank you for visiting today. So glad you stopped by!



  1. You have such a lovely home and the chairs look great! I can join you on the missing greenery this time of year. Luckily we have indoor plants.

    1. Thank you Linna! Plants really help - don't they - as we're hanging on for dear life until spring... :)

  2. Your dining room looks so beautiful! I love the way you added the greenery, makes me think of spring. ;)

  3. Love the greenery so much Julie! And I've been doing exactly the same thing:)



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