Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Natural Farmhouse Style for Fall

From the moment my friend gave us these weathered nesting boxes, all I could think of was... PUMPKINS! 

I had just a little bit of fun (wink) working on this area in front of our barn. We bought some of our pumpkins from a local farm, and some from Trader Joe's. And the orange pumpkins in our garden are just about ready to be picked. Every year, I dream of having a large pumpkin patch and then... time gets away from us. Maybe next year!

I started thinking of how my fall home decor has changed over time. While I still have a handful of faux pumpkins inside, almost everything else is now provided by nature... pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, hops vines, wheat, apple and leafy branches. It's a visually softer version of what I used to do, and allows us to enjoy the natural beauty of autumn, indoors. 

I love that there's not much to store away (though the wheat I use for decorating inside will keep for at least another year). When we're done with the pumpkins, the chickens get to enjoy eating them. 

Has your fall decorating changed over the years, or do you prefer the tradition of keeping things the same? I'd love to hear!

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