Thursday, January 24, 2019

A January / February Farmhouse Entryway...

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I went to our local garden center yesterday in search of some natural beauty to bring indoors. There was a lot of greenery, but I wanted something softer for our entryway... Something that could work for January, but would remind us that spring is on its way. Not having found what I had pictured in my mind, I was ready to leave when I spotted a large bucket of pussy willow branches!

The rustic branches with silky flowering catkins provide visual interest and texture. I placed them inside of a large vintage basket to give the feeling of a freshly harvested bundle. I ended up using two large mason jars inside of the basket to contain the branches so that I could create a better looking arrangement. Just experiment and see what you like!

I had posted a picture of the pussy willow branches in our entryway on Instagram, and a reader wrote that if you keep them in water they will end up pollinating. You don't need water... instead, you can pop open the books with your fingers. Who knew?!

Because there is a lot of wood in this vignette, I draped a linen towel on the dresser to soften things just a bit. Our home, with three growing boys, has a lived-in quality about it anyway, might as well embrace it! :)

Do you find yourself craving pops of nature indoors this time of year? What are some of your favorite natural elements to use in your home? I'd love to hear!


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