Friday, June 27, 2014

Fireplace Makeover: Before and Afters!

When we first walked through our farmhouse, 
the family room looked like this:

I loved the windows, hardwood floors and wainscoting. 

Right after moving in, I painted above the fireplace white and took down the red curtains over the bookshelves. It really opened up the space.

We kept the fireplace surround with the green stone tiles 
(but I kept my eye on it for months ; ).

This past week, I decided to paint it white 
and am happy with airiness it added to the room! 

Newly painted fireplace.



Are you working on any home projects this summer? 

I'd love to hear!



  1. Julie, your home is darling! I look forward to whenever we visit Seattle, and I can walk through your door and see it all in person. I have several home projects that I'm hoping to complete before the school machine fires up in August (Summer vacation starts in May here). Curtain panels in several rooms, overhaul of our upstairs bonus room and homeschool area, painting our bedroom, and possibly a refurb on our dining room chairs. Who am I kidding? Not all of that is going to happen...I'm just trying to keep up with meals, clean laundry and a clean enough house in between making summer enjoyable for the fam. I'm no match...guess ?I better sign off here, and go pray some more!

  2. Thank you Lori! I so look forward to you coming over AND me walking through your beautiful doorway! Uggh to the miles! Sounds like some good projects you have in mind but you're right - - there's too much swimming, playing and praying to be done this summer to tackle everything! (And do your peeps keep pulling up to the table expecting there to be something too??! : ) Wondering about your plans for your dining room chairs… Happy summer!


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